TU women’s basketball starts season strong

Sports editor Callie Hummel gives an update on the season so far. Tulsa women’s basketball has grown exponentially in just two seasons after a head coach change in April of 2021 to Angie Nelp, and they continue to show their improvement with every game. Prior to Nelp’s arrival at Tulsa, the team had not seen […]

New Speaker of the House elected after 14 failed votes

House rebels finally gave in and elected McCarthy. After 15 rounds of voting and countless concessions, California Representative Kevin McCarthy (R) was finally elected Speaker of the House. The position (previously held by California Democrat Nancy Pelosi) is typically awarded to the leader of the majority party. McCarthy, having previously served as House Minority Leader, […]

Classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware home

Five classified documents have been found in Biden’s residence in Delaware and he now faces an investigation from the DOJ. There have been multiple instances of classified documents found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home and Washington, D.C. office. Most recently, five more pages were announced on Saturday to have been found in his place […]

Be cautious of the future

Food robots may seem like a wonderful convenience, but they may hide a more sinister purpose. Anyone who has set foot on The University of Tulsa’s campus in the last months has no doubt encountered the new food robots. They stand at attention in front of Pat Case and frequently form a phalanx by the […]

Fusion power is a long way off despite breakthrough

Fusion research proves it could become our next main energy source in the future, though not anytime soon. Don’t get your hopes up too much. Last December, an important step in making fusion power a reality was achieved — but that doesn’t mean that fusion is right around the corner. Although this was the first […]

Theatre Tulsa’s production of ‘1776’ triumphs despite opposition

The Collegian had the chance to speak with MaKayla Baxter — Edward Rutledge in the production — about the intense backlash the musical has faced and the power of theater. Theatre Tulsa’s highly anticipated production of “1776” opened this past weekend despite the numerous threats of violence to the cast and creative minds behind the […]

Van Full of Nuns bring Pop Punk Nite to Cain’s Ballroom

The historic Cain’s Ballroom played host to a night full of punk and emo music from As the City Sleeps, House Parties and Van Full of Nuns. Van Full of Nuns wowed the venue with their powerful covers from bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday and more. The […]

New Year, New TYou!

TU releases their much anticipated yearly budget breakdown. Finally! The yearly budget breakdown has been released from the cold, dead hands of whichever-overpaid-highranking-university-employee-who-has-nothing-to-do-with-education sent it into the ether for TU students to eagerly pour over. Nothing says reign ‘cane like knowing exactly how many quirky campus activities the $2,000 raise in tuition is paying for. […]

Weekly Horoscopes: Mars is finally in the fifth retrograde of the Aquarius Moon house!

Aquarius: Eat your vegetables this week. Don’t answer the phone. Embrace questionable fashion trends like denim on denim, socks with sandals and tights under shorts. The universe is testing you, Aquarius, don’t crack under the pressure. Wear the socks and the sandals with the utmost pride. Pisces: You’ve been a little unsure of what to […]