5 last-minute costumes to turn this paper into

1. Sailor – Through a series of strategic folds, you can turn this paper into a sailor hat. To really get the most benefit out of this costume, I also recommend a navy dress uniform, and everything else needed to make a sailor costume, besides the hat.

2. Spooky Ghost – If you’re short on bed sheets this halloween, you can make a quick ghost costume by taping all of pages of this paper together. It won’t be quite large enough for you to fit under, but if you crouch you can make it work. I would usually recommend eye holes, but journalism is so free of actual substance these days you can probably see right through the news section.

3. Origami Master – Each page of this paper contains all the materials needed to make an origami masterpiece. The costume is pretty simple. Simply make intricate origami out of each page, and take your creations with you to parties around campus. Note: It is recommended to actually be an origami master in order to properly construct this costume.

4. College Student Reading a Newspaper – This costume is particularly scary, and not for the faint of heart. Still, if you want to really creep the rest of society out, feel free to act interested in the future of society and concerned with the goings-on at your own university. Don’t be surprised if no one wants to go near you at parties, however.

5. Sexy Newsprint – If you’re looking for a more risqué costume this halloween, sexy newsprint is for you! To make this costume, first remove all your clothes, then delicately wrap pages of journalism around anything you wish to be covered. As a bonus, you can convince yourself that all the people staring at you are not, in fact, objectifying you, but instead are fascinated by the sports articles on display.

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