Bud-dies Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre being classy up high in the mountains. graphic by Conner Maggio

5 songs that are definitely not about weed

People take things too literally these days. Just because lyrics say the word weed doesn’t mean the song is about it.

1. “Weed Song” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Definitely not about weed. Consider the lyrics, “Smoke another blunt, roll another up,” as the metaphor that they are. “Smoke” refers to vaporizing objects and ideals to make them immaterial to the artist. “Blunt” refers to being blatant and honest — sometimes too much so.

Therefore, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony expresses he wishes to eliminate his flaw of being too honest with people. The song, especially with the lyrics, “Bone Thugs get high, so high,” is clearly not about weed. Instead, it is about the artist wishing to elevate to a better version of himself.

2. “Weed with Willie” by Toby Keith – No weed here! Look at the lyrics, “Never smoke weed with Willie again / My party’s all over before it begins.” On the surface, it admittedly appears to be about making use of that good ganja. But really, it is a metaphor.

He smokes metaphorical weed with Willie, who is a stand-in for the devil. Therefore, the “party” that Keith refers to that has ended is Keith’s eternal reward in Heaven. Therefore, by partaking in the Devil’s Lettuce with the Devil himself, Keith participated in some illegal activity that barred him from the light of Jesus. We can only guess what that illegal activity was, since it was probably too inappropriate for listeners. It could have been anything, even smoking weed!

3. “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath – Not even a little bit. Analyze the lyrics, “My life is free now, my life is clear / I love you, sweet leaf, though you can’t hear, oh yeah.” The song is about his deaf lover. The lover was probably always complaining about how they had to listen to Black Sabbath’s music all the time, and then Karma stripped them of their hearing for having bad taste.

Now, the character in the song can enjoy their “sweet leaf,” which is obviously a pet name they affectionately call their botanist lover, with all the tenderness and gentleness of silence. A beautiful love story, really.

4. “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg – Could not be further from that green. The chorus sings, “I’m on that good kush and alcohol.” It does not mention weed. Kush refers to a mountain range that spans Pakistan and Afghanistan, and alcohol is exactly what it sounds like.

By being on that good Kush and alcohol, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg climbed to the top of a mountain together and enjoyed a bottle of wine while taking in the view.

5. “Blueberry Yum Yum” by Ludacris – Nothing even green in this masterpiece of a song. The lyrics, “Got that blueberry yum yum and it’s that fire (It’s that fire)” describe the most relatable of scenes. Ludacris put his blueberry Poptart into the microwave too long, and it burned his tongue.

We have all been there before, where we hit two minutes instead of 20 seconds, and the lava of blueberry deliciousness scorches the mouth. We feel you, Ludacris.

Post Author: Brennen Gray