5 tips to make the least of your dorm room space

Let’s face it, there’s never enough space in your dorm room. Between the beds, desks, mini-fridge and life-size wax sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt, it can start feeling a bit cramped. Never fear, though! The State-Run is here to provide you with five tips to ensure there’s absolutely no space left whatsoever for you or your roommate to actually live!
1.) Place your bed in the middle of the room. This is an easy one to start with. Most college students tend to put their bed up against a wall, or in a corner. The problem with this is obvious: If you put your bed against a wall, you only have space on one side of the bed. If you place your bed in the middle of the room, you can instead have a bit of space on either side! Not enough to actually do anything with, of course, but enough so that it feels so much better.
2.) Roosevelt in front of the door. I know it might be tempting to keep the sculpture tucked away next to the mini-fridge or something, but good old Teddy deserves a much better location than that. By putting him smack dab in the face of anyone that opens the door, you can guarantee all guests will have a chance to appreciate what a great president he was. Barely being able to get through the door is a small sacrifice comparatively.
3.) Buy as many of those plastic storage containers from Target as you possibly can. Place the smaller storage containers inside the larger ones, and the larger ones inside the huge ones. Then place the huge ones wherever the seem to fit around the room, including on your roommate’s side. With such effective use of storage containers, you are well on your way to creating an excellently arranged dorm room!
4.) Buy your own microwave, mini-fridge and TV, separate from your roommate’s, to more easily organize the room. Everyone knows that symmetry is beautiful. So nothing will help the look of your dorm room more than placing your own microwave, mini-fridge and TV on the opposite side of the room as your roommate’s to make the room more symmetric. Plus, no more arguments about whose food is whose! Plus, you have the space for it after moving Teddy, so why not!
5.) Buy a large couch from a nearby yard sale. Yard sales are excellent places to pick up cheap furniture! A thrifty shopper only needs to spend a few bucks to pick up an old large couch to surprise your roommate with! And, the best part about having a couch is it finally gives you a reason to buy those three life-size wax sculptures of Teddy Roosevelt in a sitting position you’ve always wanted buy but haven’t seen a use for. Win-win!

Post Author: Sam Beckmann