(66)6 hangouts for Halloween night

1. Maple Ridge: 15th to 31st St. S, between Peoria and Riverside

Last year, the neighborhood-based social networking app Nextdoor conducted a poll of how many houses in Tulsa would be handing out candy, then ranked neighborhoods based on the highest number of houses providing candy in the closest proximity. Keeping with the spirit of the ranking, the highest ranked neighborhood closest to TU was Maple Ridge, coming in at #2 on the list. If you’re all about getting out on the streets and strategically maximizing your candy intake, head down Peoria and see why Maple Ridge calls itself “Tulsa’s best neighborhood.”

2. Local neighborhoods around TU

If you don’t have a car or don’t have much time to go trick-or-treating, you’re lucky that TU is surrounded by neighborhoods on the North, East, and South! Heading down to any of these neighborhoods is certainly better than nothing if you’re in a bit of a time crunch, and it may even be worth it to walk down the hallways of your residence hall or apartment complex to see if any particularly heroic students or RAs are giving out candy before you head out.

3. 13th Ward: 2300 Kenosha Street, Broken Arrow, OK, 74012
For those willing to drive a bit further for their Halloween thrills, 13th Ward in Broken Arrow may be the place for you! Open until 10:00 PM Halloween night, 13th Ward is a 30,000 square foot mental institution-themed haunted house, promising to “make your blood scream, to leave your soul questioning existence and to bring nightmares to life.” If you’re interested in going to a haunted house tonight, be sure to check out The Collegian’s reviews of Hex House and Nightmare!

4. Rocky Horror at Guthrie Green: 111 E MB Brady St.

If you’re looking for a more casual atmosphere this year, look no further than Guthrie Green’s annual Halloween showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The cult classic film is a staple of many Halloween movie nights, and enjoying it while laying on the Green with some friends in the October air is the perfect setup for a chill Halloween night.

5. One Way System at Vanguard: 222 N. Main St.

Though it’s not specifically Halloween-themed, you won’t be out of place if you show up in costume to a concert headlined by One Way System. The English punk rock band’s music is loud, fast-paced, and high-energy, perfect for someone looking for something a bit more electric than collecting candy door-to-door this Halloween. With openers Total Chaos, The Penny Mob, and Tulsa artist Merlin Mason, you’d certainly be getting plenty of entertainment for the $13 entrance fee.

6. Throw your own house party!

Does nothing above on the list sound appealing to you? Don’t forget that you can always throw your own Halloween party! You can buy your favorite candy, invite your friends, and do whatever you want! There are some downsides, like buying your own candy (and alcohol, if that’s an integral part of your party-going), but doing it yourself lets you tailor the event to be exactly what you want.

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