The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and the bills and politics you need to know.

Things are finally moving through committees this week in the Oklahoma legislature! Bills are divvied up to the most appropriate committee, then each one makes a recommendation on whether the bill should pass.

SB924: This bill would require assisted living centers to give residents information about influenza and its vaccines. It has been referred to the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee, where it awaits a recommendation. But if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that everyone needs more information about vaccines.

SB679: Personal information of “undercover or covert” law enforcement agents, including their and their family’s addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, could be kept confidential and off the internet if this bill passes in both chambers. The information would be stored in a secure location if an agency requests that the information not be kept online. Law enforcement officials could request the information, although they’d need sufficient grounds to get it. Which, yeah, that tracks. Why would you give away more information about people in a potentially dangerous position than you’d need to? The General Government Committee has recommended that the bill pass in the Senate.

HB1428: I am begging, as ever, all of government to be more transparent and to keep more information online. There’s no reason for most information (cases like the above bill aside) to be kept secret and only on paper. So HB1428, which would allow court clerks to digitize receipts for fees, fines and forfeitures that may be “saved and produced in electronic format,” is a step in the right direction. Please, please, if anyone reading this goes into government, I’m begging you: usher in the digital age. Push for digitalization. It’s so much more efficient. The bill has been recommended to pass by the House County and Municipal Government Committee.

Post Author: Raven Fawcett