A fall film round up to spice up your season

We have scary and not-so-scary movies that pair well with popcorn and an autumnal night in.

Scary/violent ones:

The Graham family balances grief and relief after a cruel grandmother passes away. To Annie Graham’s horror, her mother’s lingering presence may be more than emotional. This movie sets a new bar for contemporary horror movies.

courtesy FOX

“Evil Dead 2”
Fresh from the first film, Ash Williams doesn’t get a moment’s rest before hell begins pouring into his isolated cabin from all sides. Bloody and stupid fun. Starring Bruce Campbell’s chin and personality. Go ahead and watch the whole trilogy if you’re feeling groovy.

“The Fly”
Jeff Goldblum tests a teleporter, but he learns too late there may be a bug in the system. His mistake gives him superhuman strength and agility, but as time passes, some changes aren’t so pretty. In Cronenberg style, body horror and practical effects make this a perfect gross-out flick.

courtesy Universal Studios

“The Thing”
In remote Antarctica, an isolated groupof research scientists is met by a fluffy dog and a screaming Norwegian with a gun. After the Norwegian seemingly shoots at their base, the scientists kill him and keep the dog. When they finally realize what all the fuss was about, they’re neck-deep in paranoia and extraterrestrial trouble. Using a variety of effects, this icy flick is a stomach churning creature feature.

“The Descent”
A year after Sarah loses her family in a car accident, she reunites with a group of thrill seeking women to do some caving. Thanks to a small cave-in, they soon find their only way out is through. Which would be a lot easier if they were alone. A claustrophobic setting for a tense movie.

“The Shining”
Aspiring author Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy and their son Danny all move into the Overlook Hotel to manage it until spring. The seclusion doesn’t inspire Jack as he’d hoped it would. Wendy becomes increasingly worried as the boys of the family don’t take too well to the place. Director Stanley Kubrick loves details, and this movie is full of them.

Not scary/violent ones:

courtesy Cartoon Network

“Over the Garden Wall”
Brothers Wirt and Greg find themselves lost in the Unknown.With the Beast trailing behind, their search for a way out brings them to new places and to discover their courage. A great cast of voices that includes the likes of Elijah Wood and Christopher Lloyd helps make this better than your average cartoon. A short and very sweet series. “Ghostbusters” You know this one and if it’s your kind of comedy or not. Watch the remake if that’s more your thing.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
Stranded newlyweds come upon a castle whose inhabitants are hosting the Annual Transylvanian Convention. The castle’s mad scientist, Dr. Frank N. Furter, leads the castle’s inhabitants and the captive couple through an outlandish night of musical numbers. Look into seeing a special showing of this one.

courtesy Warner Bros.

Randall Peltzer gives his son a pet mogwai, Gizmo, and tells him never to get him wet or feed him after midnight. When he accidentally breaks the rules, Peltzer’s adorable new pet suddenly produces clones. They’re loud, disgusting and mischievous. On Christmas Eve, they’re unleashed on the unsuspecting small town of Kingston Falls. This one’s perhaps a little too slapstick at times, but it’s the most iconic mini-monster movie out there for a reason. Save it for November.

Post Author: Nate Gibbons