Nicholas Sparks’s films are classic pieces to watch during Valentine’s Day. courtesy IMDb

A sample of romantic movies for Valentine’s Day

The month of February is a time for loving and caring. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but even if you’re not interested in that, it is okay because this article is still for you. After a nice romantic Valentine’s Day, you and your date can come back home and watch a great movie. Or maybe you’ll choose to watch one of these movies with yourself and a bowl of popcorn. I decided to do a questionnaire and ask people what their favorite romantic comedy is. Though be warned, this list does contain plot spoilers.

One of my friends back home, Olivia Woodson, said, ““Love Rosie” is my favorite. It is about two best friends, a boy and girl, who do everything together and secretly love each other. The girl gets pregnant before she was supposed to go to college with him in the U.S. She tells him she didn’t get in, I think, and so he goes without her. Then he comes back, finds out she had a baby and it’s just back and forth missing each other. At the end, he shows up and they end up together.”

Ísold Rúnarsdóttir, who is a part of the women’s soccer team, said, ““Dear John” is my favorite. It’s about a guy that meets this girl on the beach. She has a boyfriend at the time, but they fall in love quickly and she breaks up with the other guy. The main guy is in the military so he needs to go there for a year and do his thing. They send letters to each other, but one time when he came to visit, she had moved on from him and married his friend, or a guy he knew.”

Lastly, I asked Kaitlyn Johnson, and she said, “”Hitch” is my favorite. The guy (Will Smith) is a romance coach that helps guys get dates, but he doesn’t really do dating or fall in love himself. He’s supposed to be Mr. Smooth, but he basically keeps making a fool of himself and falls in love with a woman, even though he’s against love. And she hates the dating coach guy, but she doesn’t know it’s him.”

All of these are great movies and are perfect for this time of year. This is just a sample, but there are other good ones out there.

Post Author: Joseph Breedlove