An overview of the NHL’s 2020-2021 season

The 2020-2021 season marks the 103rd season of play for the National Hockey League. This season is one to be remembered, as it has not been without its changes and adjustments. Covid alone caused so many transitions in the regular schedule of the season, with the draft being moved to early October from its usual late June date, as well as a postponement of international games, the always intriguing outdoor games, and of course the all-star game. There were also some very typical transitions that will occur throughout the history of any sport, including hockey, such as in this case the change of one of the teams’ stadium names. The Colorado Avalanche’s Pepsi Center has now become the Ball Arena, which at first seems strange considering it is an arena for a game that does not use a ball in the slightest, but actually is interestingly named after the Colorado based largest aluminum packaging company in the world. Despite changes, delays, and the emptiness at times of arenas because of the global pandemic that is Covid-19, the National Hockey League has
pressed on, and continued to have a season, even if it is relatively abbreviated.

In terms of the current standings, here are the top teams currently in the divisions:
Central Division: Florida Panthers Wins: 26
Losses: 10
East Division: Washington Capitals Wins: 25
Losses: 10
West Division: Colorado Avalanche Wins: 26
Losses: 8
North Division: Toronto Maple Leafs Wins: 26
Losses: 10

As you can see, these four teams are actually incredibly close to each other in terms of their win-loss ratio.

The Florida Panthers had an excellent 6 game winning streak this season. In their recent game against the Blue Jackets, Alek- sander Barkov and Chris Driedger led the team to a 3-0, Barkov with a goal and an assist and Driedger with a shutout. However this came screeching to a halt when they lost 5-2 to the Carolina Hurricanes. This hasn’t seemed to be stopping them from holding their position at the top of their division, though.

The Washington Capitals have had only 25 wins, the lowest of the top teams across divisions, but still seem to be fighting to keep their number 1 spot intact. Alex Ovechkin is in position to be a record-breaker, this season, being in a tie for second place in the list of all-time power play goals for the NHL. If he keeps up the pace, he could definitely set a new record for the books, and it would definitely be a benefit for his team as a whole, too.

Iginla and Duchene have been leading the Colorado Avalanche in scoring this season. Despite this, Duchene’s rolling offensive zone seems to be on the rise in percentage, but Iginla not so much; he keeps within a somewhat steady range that has fluctuated back and forth. Considering he went 30+30 against Boston the previous season in scoring, this seems strange for Iginla, and he is absolutely a very capable scoring player. For the Colorado Avalanche really to utilize his potential, they are going to need to place him in a better position with better opportunity on the right end of the ice. They have the best win to loss ratio of the top four teams across divisions currently, but this may put them in a better position in the rest of the season and help them to keep their momentum going.

If there is something worth mentioning right now in regards to the Toronto Maple Leafs this season, it is Jack Campbell. Unfortunately for the Maple Leafs, Frederik Anderson is out due to an injury to his lower body, but out of this Campbell has gotten the opportunity to step up for his team as not only premier second, but also emergency first option, with an incredibly impressive undefeated 9-0-0 record (.944 SV% and 1.53 GAA). Campbell has revealed himself to be a valuable player and valiant contender, and will surely shine for his team in the rest of this NHL season.

Post Author: Logan Guthrie