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Antonio Brown accused of sexual assault

NFL journalist Lindsey Prather gives an update on the mounting allegations against the infamously problematic wide receiver.

Throughout the past several months, former Pittsburgh Steeler Antonio Brown has been mired in controversy. Following his trade to the Oakland Raiders, multiple off-the-field issues arose ranging from frostbite from a cryotherapy mishap to his refusal to play because his favorite helmet was no longer available. Eventually, these events culminated in his release from the Raiders, with the last stray being an altercation at practice in which Brown called the club owner a “cracker.” The organization effectively cut his salary, leading to his release and subsequent signing for the New England Patriots. These incidents have been just the most recent in a long string of events involving Brown that depict a pattern of his questionable behavior. Now, these incidents pale in comparison to the lawsuit that has been filed against him.

Two women have levelled allegations against Antonio Brown, one of which is a civil lawsuit accusing Brown of rape and sexual assault. The lawsuit specifically describes assaults on three separate occasions: twice in June 2017 and once in May 2018. Brown allegedly contacted the victim after the crime and taunted her through text. The messages were then provided as evidence for the suit, since they exhibit some vulgar language and refer to some of the lewd behavior described by the accuser. As of right now, the two parties are currently trying to reach a settlement.

The lawsuit is on behalf of an artist that received attention from Brown when some of her work was featured in a 2018 charity auction Her work, which was a painting of Brown, was outstanding enough that it led him to buy the piece for $700, nearly doubling the next highest bid. Following the auction, an impressed Brown hired her to paint a mural in his Pittsburgh home, offering her $1,000/day for her work. She accepted; this facilitated a chain of events that are described in the lawsuit.

According to the artist, at first Brown and his various assistants were exceptionally friendly and exhibited great interest in her work. He posted her progress on his social media during the first day.However, this did not last. The first instance of inappropriate behavior took place on the second day.

The suit alleges that at some point during the second day of the mural’s painting, Brown approached her from behind while she was in a kneeling position. When she turned around, she was greeted by the sight of an entirely naked Brown, holding a small towel over his genitals.

She did not react and instead elected to continue working. After this response, she claims, it became apparent that she was no longer wanted there. She was paid for two days of work, but she was not allowed back in the house. This occurrence is only one of the complaints and is by far the least graphic.

Brown’s lawyer gave a statement in which Brown categorically denied the accusations, claiming that the accusers are merely seeking to extort him for millions of dollars.

Brown has turned down a settlement for nearly $2 million, instead of attempting to either entirely clear his name or at the very least lower the monetary impact.

The NFL has stated that no action will be taken until after the legal proceedings conclude, despite rumors that Commissioner Roger Goodell was considering placing Brown on his exemption list. So far, he has been allowed to play with little incident.

Although, depending on the outcome of the NFL’s investigation, he could potentially face consequences from the league.

Post Author: Lindsey Prather