Biden panders to uncommitted voters

Supporters of Palestine pressure the Biden administration to act. During the primary elections a few weeks ago, pro-Palestinians decided to vote uncommitted on the Democratic ballot, disaffiliating themselves with Biden as a form of protest against him and his policy on Gaza. This policy even became famous with Representative Rashid Tlaib, the only Palestinian in […]

TedxUTulsa cut my speech

Censorship is contributing to harmful stereotypes. On March 29, TedxUTulsa had its annual speaker event wherein people share their personal experiences or discuss topics that matter to them. I was supposed to speak this year about the effects of colonization and colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa. I planned to talk about the […]

Gaza’s cry for justice

The failure of diplomacy and the resultant human toll. After nearly half a year, the relentless bombing in Gaza continues. Israel maintains its story of wanting to bring Israelis held in Gaza to Israel while refusing any deal that would lead to this so long as it requires a permanent ceasefire. Israel’s refusal to accept […]

Israel not `Only Democracy in the Middle East’

It is not a democracy at all. According to the United States Department of State, “Israel is a multiparty, parliamentary democracy” that “enact[s] a series of ‘Basic Laws’ that enumerate certain rights and freedoms.” Oftentimes, this settler colonial ethnostate that is designated by the United Nations as apartheid and is convicted by the International Court […]

Media misrepresents Aaron Bushnell’s protest

His protest was for liberation, not the result of a mental health crisis. Aaron Bushnell, an active duty member of the US Air Force went to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC and committed self-immolation, which is regarded as the most severe form of protest. He did this on Feb. 25 to voice his stance […]

The Collegian misrepresents Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Highlighting the importance of articulation on this crucial topic. According to my count, The Collegian has made indications about the ongoing genocide in Gaza in only seven articles since Israel launched its full-scale and illegal demolition of Gaza four months ago: Oct. 16, twice on Oct. 23, Oct. 30, Nov. 13 and twice on Feb. […]

Massacre in Rafah during the Super Bowl

Israel has a history of committing atrocities while the world is distracted. As millions of Americans were glued to their screens watching the Super Bowl the Sunday before last, millions of Palestinians in Gaza suffered relentless bombing in Rafah, a district one-eighth the size of the city of Tulsa with four times the population. The […]