The administrative aspect of True Commitment

Dr. Gerard Clancy and Janet Levit were the foremost faces behind refashioning TU, but the story extends before and after April 11th. In 2017, the University of Tulsa selected Gerard Clancy as its next president. Clancy’s initial role in Tulsa was as the president of OU-Tulsa, working specifically with increasing the campus’s community engagement programs. […]

The teachers achieved a salary increase and more funding for student mental health. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Minnesota teacher strike ends

The teachers striking in Minneapolis follow a long trend of educators unionizing against school boards to acquire higher pay and more resources for students. On March 8, teachers in the town of Minneapolis, Minnesota failed to show up to their classrooms. With reasons cited ranging from poor pay, low diversity, virtually nonexistent personal protective equipment […]

All students pay a $75 fee per semester to fund Student Association. courtesy

SA philanthropy funding needs accountability

Discussions over a recent bill highlight exclusivity and a lack of oversight on SA charity events. Student Association (SA) has driven itself into a deep discussion over a proposed bill and amendment that would impact funding for campus events. Instead of continuing with the current system that offers philanthropic event organizers a total of $3,000 […]

The conflict in Myanmar is the longest ongoing civil war in history,with the insurgencies beginning in 1948, when the country was still known as Burma. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Myanmar eliminates uprising rebel groups

Myanmar takes advantage of the Russia/ Ukraine conflict to secure their dictatorship. With Ukraine currently occupying international headlines and minds across the globe, the military junta in Myanmar has taken the opportunity to crack down on rebel groups opposing the cruel dictatorship. Although the Russo-Ukrainian war deserves global attention, it is not the only major […]

When the new program is implemented, new students will be equipped with their required texts as soon as the semester starts. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

TU to begin purchasing textbooks for freshmen

The program also aims to reduce the overall cost of textbooks for undergrads, according to interim provost Jennifer Airey. In light of a new proposal revealed to the student body, I sat down with Dr. Jennifer Airey, the interim provost of TU, and asked a few clarifying questions about the new initiative to purchase all […]

Well, at this point in my academic career, this is bound to happen. graphic by Anna Johns

Origin of TU’s horse torment nexus revealed by student sleuth

Students may never recover from the fleshy paste strewn upon campus, the creatures’ cries with no godly business in the throats of a ranch horse. No godly business. Something fishy is happening at the University of Tulsa. No, it’s not the mandatory re-education of University Ambassadors, nor is it the ghosts in the machines of […]

Goldie II used as bait for campus scavanger hunt

I suppose you have to take drastic measures to get any kind of student turnout for campus activities. With the fall semester, the University of Tulsa’s campus engagement team has attempted to further student relations through the creation of new activities. One such activity was the faux “Mission Impossible” style scavenger hunt to save Goldie, […]

“Dune” was released this past Friday, Oct. 22. courtesy Legendary Entertainment

Highly anticipated film “Dune” delivers

In “Dune,” director Villenueve transports viewers into the world of Arrakis providing a different, yet fantastic adaptation of the novel. This first section will be completely spoiler-free both for the film and book series. Released on Oct. 22, 2021, the most recent adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 speculative fiction novel “Dune” premiered in theaters. “Dune” […]

photo by Tommy Reid

Tulsa football wins close game against Memphis

Commentary Editor Adam Walsh doesn’t spare the details on the 2021 homecoming game. The University of Tulsa played their homecoming football game on Oct. 9 against the Memphis Tigers. Glancing at the pre-game statistics, both teams have suffered several losses and wins that were one-score games, leading to their records and capabilities seeming worse than […]

Dr. Lars Engle, the professor who taught the King Arthur class, should teach that class again. courtesy

Course catalog causes student kerfuffle

With the schedule for next semester, one has to wonder if the current academic grind will become the status quo After conquering midterms or having midterms conquer them, the University of Tulsa student body now has to look to the next semester, planning courses, sketching out extracurricular time slots and finding out when to scarf […]