SGA elections chaos continues

One candidate has been disqualified, and a second runoff election is in the works as this historic election cycle continues. In the past two weeks, history has been made in the Student Government Association executive elections, and it’s not the kind that bears remembering. The first general election ended in a runoff in which former […]

Breaking Ground on TU’s campus

SAVE’s Breaking Ground Monologues create a space of empowerment, struggle and growth. It was a treat to take in the Breaking Ground Monologues, presented by SAVE. The monologues contained stories collected by V, the creator of the play, as they interviewed various people for different perspectives from around the world. SAVE members were also encouraged […]

Governing parties largely ignoring protests in Peru

Protest in Peru looms towards stalemate as Peruvian leaders continue to ignore calls for change from their rural and Indigenous population. Peruvian President Pedro Castillo attempted to seize full political control of Peru by decree, and the legislative, judiciary and military levels of government rejected him in December of last year. As a result, for […]

SGA elections continue in surprising turn of events

The executive election has culminated in a runoff election and an unexpected violation, delaying the release of results. After no presidential candidate received more than 35% of the student body’s vote, Student Association held a runoff election as the vote remained undecided. All other positions remained unopposed; Carter Dierlam won Vice President, Ben Prugh will […]

Jamie Rhudy on Native American chronic pain research

Dr. Rhudy is leading groundbreaking research on the connections between discrimination and chronic pain within the Native American community. Jamie Rhudy and his team’s research on chronic pain in Native Americans is groundbreaking work that pulls back the veil on discriminative policies that have led to Native Americans experiencing chronic pain at higher rates than […]

Inside the minds of your Student Association executive candidates

This year contains a tightly contested race for the presidential office, while all other offices remain uncontested. As Student Association elections approach, the candidates for the executive officer positions were contacted for an interview via email. This semester, only the presidential office is contested, while the candidates running for vice president, treasurer and secretary remain […]

Police culture in America: protect the budget and serve brutality

What will finally make Black Lives Matter to you? Once again, police body cam footage allows us to watch a man cry for his mother’s embrace as he is brutally beaten by the hands sworn to protect. On Jan. 7, 2023, Memphis Police Department’s SCORPION unit pulled over Tyre Nichols in a traffic violation escalated […]

The ‘unstoppable’ gun violence in America

How many kids have to die before you care? This year has started like every other with gun deaths reaching peak levels only seen in the mid-1990s. Currently, the number of mass shootings in America outnumbers the days in the year. At the time of writing, there have been 39 mass shootings throughout the United […]