Game theory is a strategic way of handling all of life’s situations, including dating scenarios. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Game Theory a valuable life experience

A course in Game Theory teaches students the science of strategic interaction and changes their perspectives on the world. Did you know that if you and a partner are caught robbing a bank and the police take you in for questioning, you’re both better off saying nothing, even though the advertised penalty for not ratting […]

Journalism an opportunity to expand experiences

My, what a run. Hard to believe this is my final article for this fine publication. I first started writing for this newspaper my freshman year. I began in satire but did not grace the office of “The Collegian”often. Sophomore year, I took a hiatus; half of junior year, I was in Russia. Yet, in […]

People can try to take down sensitive content on social media, but what’s posted online is forever and available to future employers. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Social media self-censorship needed in evolving digital age

Digital footprints are available to potential employers, so it’s important to monitor your online presence. You are responsible for your online reputation. While yes, the first amendment guarantees freedom of speech (at least on American servers), you must use discretion when putting something online. Anything you put on the Internet will likely be there a […]

Improve TU #9: Offer healthier options, hard alcohol at the Hurricane Hut

TU’s on-campus bar would flourish if they gave students a better experience with nutritious food and a better drink selection. The Hurricane Hut has a decent premise: the only on-campus dining that’s open after 9:30 (another problem for a different article) where students can use dining dollars to procure alcohol and sports bar-style cuisine. However, […]

“The Bomb” multimedia piece haunts with truth

In light of TU hosting investigative journalist Eric Schlosser for the Presidential Lecture Series March 15, the university screened “The Bomb,” a film he co-produced. Investigative journalist Eric Schlosser is best known for his books “Fast Food Nation” and “Command and Control.” “The Bomb” is based on the latter. It explores the terrifying destructive power […]

Oklahoma has long been awash with education problems, going so far as to cut the school week. Teachers are protesting for themselves and their students. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Okla. teacher walkout sorely needed

Teacher protests are another symptom of a state government that’s completely failed its duty to public education. On March 13, the Tulsa Public Schools Board voted unanimously to support a statewide teacher walkout beginning April 2. The walkout was originally planned to happen only if the state failed to pass a bill raising teacher salaries. […]

Courtesy University of Tulsa

TU administration hosted panel on free speech

Panelists, which included both professors and students, discussed the relationship of free speech to private universities. “How can we ensure that TU maintains its dedication to free inquiry while also stimulating an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome?” Questions like this were among those discussed by the six panelists at Thursday’s free speech event. […]

Spirit Squad break-in

TU Security is still investigating the theft of equipment from the Mabee Gym in February. The suspect(s) broke into the facility where the TU Spirit Squad practices. Between February 11 and February 13, the suspect got into the closet where the squad and dance department store equipment and uniforms, according to Amanda Snider, the Director […]

Photos by Alex Garoffo

TU students give back to the community

Rain, trash, hamburgers, Clorox and a bulldog named Bea. What do they have in common? Volunteers at TU’s Service Day found all of them at The Bridges Foundation on Saturday. Megan Sinek, the student in charge of Service Day, firmly believes in its goals. “Not only do we aim to provide assistance, but [also] to […]