Bike thefts on campus and how to prevent them

Although students have reported nine bicycles stolen so far this semester, thefts have reduced substantially since last year. Only about two months into the semester and students across campus can be heard complaining about their bike going missing. While a multitude of bike thefts have gone unreported, the current official number of bicycles reported stolen […]

Haha, so my roommate is, like, always asleep?

So, should I wake him up or nah? He’s starting to smell. Listen, I hate being woken up when I’m not ready to get up, so I’ve made it a priority to never do it to my friends, and by extension, to my new roommate. We only met this year when we were randomly assigned […]

TU plummets in ranking, True Commitment possibly related

After spending 15 years in the top 100, TU fell to 121 this year, but it won’t necessarily stay there. The University of Tulsa has long been crowned by various ranking sites, such as, and, as one of Oklahoma’s best colleges. The University of Tulsa has also consistently ranked well on U.S. […]

Sarah and Rodney Harris volunteered at the Tulsa State Fair. photo by Brayden McCoy

Tulsa State Fair offers a diverse selection of food options

From alligator to ice cream, the State Fair presents new and innovative tastes to visitors. It’s finally that time of the year again, and the state fair has come to Tulsa. With it comes incredible amounts of food that cater to your wildest imagination. On top of some old fashioned classics, there are new treats […]

O’Rourke’s comments have not gone over well with conservatives. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

O’Rourke breaks Democratic tradition, confronts gun debate head-on

The former Representative from Texas made a plea and a promise while discussing a mandatory buy- back plan for assault weapons. On Thursday, Sept. 12 at the Democratic debate, Beto O’Rourke boldly and unflinchingly took one of the most resolute stances on gun control in today’s political world. Just last month, O’Rourke called for a […]