How is Campus Security equipped?

Campus Security boasts 28 officers who are each equipped with a sidearm, handcuffs, pepper spray and an expandable baton. The University of Tulsa’s Campus Security is a sizable force for a campus this size. Every day, students can see officers in vehicles, on bikes and walking about campus to do their job of keeping all […]

CORONAVIRUS: Pence decides who lives and who dies

Trump has promoted his VP to Virus Spreader-in-Chief. Vice Supreme Leader Michael Pence has been named the CEO of Coronavirus, the hot new trend sweeping the globe! Trump came out and made the decision public recently citing the usual amount of logic for his decision. As the nation watched on, Pence gave a speech on […]

Captain Cane addresses an adoring crowd. graphic by Emma Palmer

State of the Golden Hurricane address

Veteran TU sports journalist Hannah Robbins and Sports Editor Brennen Gray deliver an analysis on how TU sports are doing as a whole. After riding a high that allowed Tulsa’s men’s basketball team to beat Memphis and Wichita State, which pushed both teams out of the rankings, Tulsa’s men’s basketball team is almost ranked themselves […]

Kevan Buck really rocked his cosplay. graphic by Emma Palmer

Admin opens esports lounge just to play “D&D”

Admin rolls the dice with new “D&D” campaign. The esports lounge is open! It was something the student population asked for, and lo and behold the administration delivered. But could there be another reason the administration decided to build the cutting-edge facility? The first full week the esports lounge was open, students could hardly fit […]

The TU campus cats are not happy with the negative publicity the movie “Cats” has brought them. graphic by Emma Palmer

Campus cats at record low popularity

Some TU students just can’t seem to handle the sexiness of these cats. The polls are in, and the results are harrowing. For the first time in 70 years, the approval rating of TU’s campus cats has dropped below 33 percent. Given the outlier’s coincidence with the release of Disney’s “Cats,” theorists are attributing the […]

Four laws that weren’t voted in last week

How could our legislators leave out such robust additions? Ah yes, my favorite time of year! Oklahoma’s law changes are now in effect. More than 300 big ones are out there now, some of which allow permitless carry, place limits on opioid pills and let minors into liquor stores. All very fun, very fresh. Since […]

Easily explain your Dionsyus costume by carrying around an ancient vase featuring him. courtesy Wikipedia

Last minute DIY costumes The Collegian: 15

Halloween’s just around the corner! Need an easy costume? Keep on reading! Everyone loves Do It Yourself pages on the internet, especially when it’s almost Halloween and it’s a scramble for some last minute costumes. The problem is, the writers of those DIY Halloween costume pages seem to think the average American is a MacGyver-level […]