Sanders and Biden face challenges on the other side of Super Tuesday

The two are neck and neck, but the Michigan Primary and a debate in Phoenix are fast approaching. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren have all dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination. All within five days of each other. Everyone but Warren has now endorsed Joe Biden. Warren, having […]


Has Biden absorbed the life-force of younger Dems? Who is former Vice President Joe Biden? After Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination last week, no one has seen either of them. But I, the intrepid student journalist that I am, know the truth. Biden sucked the life-force […]

The American primary system would be better without caucuses

All but four states use primary systems, and it’s a much more democratic and accessible process. As of Friday, Feb. 7, we still don’t know who the official winner of the Iowa Democratic Caucus is. We have an idea, as Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg essentially tied in State Delegate Equivalents (don’t rack your brain […]

Neil Peart played drums for the rock band Rush for several decades. courtesy Wikipedia

Late Rush drummer Neil Peart greatest of his time

TU professor of English Bob Jackson fondly recalls Neil Peart’s impact on rock music. It’s been a rough start to the year. We’ve had war escalations in Iran, the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter and an outbreak of Coronavirus in China. Seemingly lost in the mix of this terrible month was the […]

The best and worst Super Bowls

In honor of the recent Super Bowl, student writers Brett Tyndall and Zach Short chronologue and rank the highs and lows of NFL history. Top Five Super Bowls 5. Super Bowl XXIII San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals If for nothing else, this game holds a place in many people’s hearts solely because of the […]

Sanders will ride public opinion to an Iowa victory

Sanders has created another national grassroots campaign, but this time Iowa is his to lose. There’s a candidate with a lot of momentum right now. It’s not Mayor Pete, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and it’s certainly not Joe “Nothing Will Fundamentally Change” Biden. It’s Bernie Sanders. Several polls from viable pollsters have Sanders surging in […]

Road to the Super Bowl AFC/NFC

Student writers Brett Tyndall and A. C. Boyle outline the long trail to the Super Bowl for the NFC and AFC, respectively. The NFC with Brett Tyndall The 49ers won the NFC title last week against Green Bay in one of the most dominant rushing performances in NFL playoff history. Raheem Mostert rushed for 220 […]

Devante Parker, Za’Darius Smith, Fred Warner, Jordan Hicks and others were snubbed. graphic by Brennen Gray

Pro Bowl system unfair, misleading

Student writer Brett Tyndall maligns the fan-based voting method in the NFL’s All Star game, highlights snubbed players and gives his picks for who should have made the cut. Since Pro Bowl rosters were released last week, the age-old argument of the Pro Bowl’s legitimacy comes into question once again. With the most recent group […]