Both dine-in and curbside pickup are available as well as ordering online. courtesy @triangletulsa Instagram

Destination Tulsa: Triangle Coffee

Tulsa has so many coffee shops, it can feel somewhat overwhelming with one on almost every block downtown. But that is one of my favorite things about our city, and one of my favorite coffee shops resides in the historic Triangle building for which it got its namesake. It is located at 315 Cincinnati, within […]

One of the most popular crochet patterns on TikTok is the bee pattern, which has been remade in various designs.

TikTok and the yarn takeover

Everyone during the pandemic has seemed to pick up some new hobby. What caught my attention is the large group of people, particularly on TikTok, who have turned to fiber arts — specifically crocheting and knitting. Just from scrolling my own For You Page, I’ve seen sunflower cardigans, cowboy hats, tote bags and unique sweaters […]

With fifteen songs featured on the album, “evermore” is the sister album to “folklore.” courtesy @taylorswift Instagram

Taylor Swift surprises with “evermore” release

Taylor Swift shocked everyone with the surprise drop of the now acclaimed indie folk album”folklore” in July of 2020. But that was only the beginning because after five months, Swift released a sister album, “evermore.” Doing two studio albums in one year is no easy task, but Swift continues to mesmerize her fans with her […]

Dylan Nash, who delivered an energetic performance, leads the Bad Suns. photo by Caroline Cox

The Bad Suns engage fans at Cain’s Ballroom

Ultra Q and Liily opened for the alternative rock headliners, making for a night of diverse sound. A large crowd of bodies cram together around the stage with fog and swirling colorful lights filling the space. Everyone was waiting eagerly to hear the headliner for the evening, small indie rock group, Bad Suns. Bad Suns […]

Visitors can walk inside of the “Appenino,” seeing the world through the eyes of the giant. courtesy Wikipedia

Dr. Maurer launches “Monstrous Perspectives”

Professor of art history, Dr. Maria Maurer, spoke about Renaissance spaces and their effects on viewers. What is the relationship between gender, space and experience? How do we become subjects? How does the built environment act upon its inhabitants? These and many more are all questions that Professor Maria Maurer sought to answer in her […]