Oklahoma passes a new law that does not require citizens to have a permit or a license to carry a firearm. courtesy pxhere

Oklahoma passes 324 new laws starting Nov. 1

The new Oklahoma laws include a wide range of topics, from a state astronomical object to permitless carry. The legislation passed during the 2019 Oklahoma Legislative Session is in effect as of Nov. 1. A total of 324 pieces of legislation were passed; most were relatively trivial, such as House Bill 2380, which made it […]

A Slate journalist made the connection, and Romney has confirmed the theory. Somebody’s gearing up for another presidential run. Mitt Romney, who recently resurrected his political career in the Utah Senate, has a secret Twitter account, complete with a pun-based alias. The governor-turned-failed-presidential-candidate-turned-senator has put out a meager 10 tweets using the alias “Pierre Delecto” […]

Pinkman’s unsettling appearance in “El Camino” reflects his loss of innocence throughout “Breaking Bad.” courtesy Netflix

“El Camino” proves to be a satisfying but pointless sequel

Netflix incorporated intensity and humor into the “Breaking Bad” sequel, following the story of Jesse Pinkman. Before moving into a spoiler-filled discussion, I’ll provide a brief spoiler-free review for anyone who has not seen “El Camino” or “Breaking Bad.” “El Camino,” released on Netflix in early October, follows “Breaking Bad” deuteragonist Jesse Pinkman as he […]

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has become the face of millenial policies courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Ocasio-Cortez’s hairstyle only an issue for her, not the country

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you probably know who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is. The representative for New York’s 14th district, Ocasio-Cortez took office in early 2019, and her tenure has seen quite a few controversies. From her proposal to pay for medicare for all to the Green New Deal to […]

Senator Warren spoke the most on Tuesday night. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Fourth debate, more of the same contentious talk

The debate saw multiple attempts to knock Elizabeth Warren from her almost-front-runner status. The Fourth Democratic Debate, on Tuesday, Oct. 15, was three hours long, and, if you’ve seen the first three, you’ve honestly seen this one. Even though this was the first time they bothered to talk about foreign policy, they still spent as […]

Supreme Court announces the docket for next term

The docket includes the controversial political topics of gun rights, abortion and gay rights. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is back in session, having met for the first time since June 2019, and their docket for the next term has been announced. Topics included in the docket are gay rights, gun rights, […]

Streaming exclusivity will hurt companies in the long term

The myriad streaming choices will also make accessing content much more complicated for viewers. Remember when there was just Netflix and Hulu, and nobody cared about Hulu? Simpler times, those were. Now that entertainment and mass media companies have realized how lucrative online streaming is, these once-dominant services now have some serious competition. Well, competition […]

Corruption creates a natural disaster in Indonesia

Short-sighted planning has caused the fires in north Indonesia, but they were avoidable. The myriad wildfires have been raging for months now. Their sickly smoke chokes the air, turning the sky an opaque crimson color. This biblical and dystopian hellscape is not a dramatization, but a visualization of northern Indonesia. This region of Indonesia, and […]