The Elizabethan Age has come to an end

The U.K. is having an identity crisis now that their longest reigning monarch has died. The death of Queen Elizabeth II brought the end of the Elizabethan Age. It is worth asking what this age was and what it represented. Her reign witnessed drastic societal changes as the United Kingdom sought to rebuild itself following […]

Biden embraces exceptionalist view of U.S.

President Biden upholds the idea that the U.S. is superior in his recent speech, which is the root of the problem. My fellow Americans — the words that have opened President Biden’s most recent speech and many others in American history — carry a sentiment that unifies Americans across the country. It is an apt […]

Understanding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Six months after Russian military troops invaded Ukraine, Dylan Moucka examines the history behind the two nations. On February 24, 2022, Russian military forces invaded Ukraine. After six months of fighting, the war has led to the emigration of over 10 million Ukrainians, along with tens of thousands of deaths for those who chose to […]