Critics have lauded Jordan Peele’s “Us” as an “elevated horror” film. courtesy Collider

The elevated horror genre is an arbitrary distinction

Subdividing the horror genre unnecessarily restricts films and misleads viewers. “Elevated horror” is a term I’ve seen people slinging around a fair bit recently, particularly in reference to the rise of films like Jordan Peele’s “Us” and “Get Out,” as well as John Krasinski’s entrance into the horror genre with “A Quiet Place.” The term […]

The anti-vax movement in the past and present

While negligible on a national scale, the amount of people openly skeptical about the safety and efficacy of vaccines has been rising Anti-vaccination content has been increasingly under a spotlight in the last few years, and it’s only become more polarizing with this increased attention. While the anti-vaccination movement has been growing, it’s been met […]

Okla. Democratic HQ vandalized

The building, located in Oklahoma City, was spray-painted with neo-Nazi imagery. On Sunday, March 21, authorities found the parking lot, sidewalk and windows of the Oklahoma Democratic HQ in Oklahoma City spray-painted with neo-Nazi propaganda, homophobic and racial slurs and fascist imagery, including swastikas. Similarly threatening graffiti was found in the Oklahoma City office of […]

Fast-paced schedules don’t always allow for lunch. photo by Conner Maggio

Efficiency anxiety due to political and economic pressures

America’s high stakes political and economic systems take away the ability to enjoy leisure activities. I sometimes wonder what motivates me to do certain things: volunteering for an event, taking a certain course, applying for summer internships, friending someone on Facebook or adding them on LinkedIn, journaling, taking a friend out to lunch, writing an […]

John Mulaney performs material from his comedy routine “New In Town.” courtesy Portland Mercury

Regurgitating jokes makes comedy boring

Listening to more diverse comedians encourages creativity and originality. Let me start off by saying that I like John Mulaney too. He seems to do his best to write inclusive comedy that doesn’t punch down (excluding some SNL Stefon skits circa 2010), and that’s pretty exciting. Not all comedians, especially comedians who also happen to […]

#3: Explain importance of block courses in liberal arts curriculum

The block courses are an essential part of the university’s liberal arts education, but students often don’t know why the courses matter. TU is a liberal arts school, meaning that its aim is to bring interdisciplinary critical thinking skills to its students. Inevitably, that means students will be taking classes outside of their major: geology […]

courtesy the scary jokes

“BURN PYGMALION!!!” two steps from greatness

The sugary bedroom pop album could be improved with tighter melodies. The first album I listened to in 2019 was “BURN PYGMALION​!​!​! A Better Guide to Romance.” It’s a sweet release from the Bandcamp-exclusive “the scary jokes,” a bedroom pop group active since 2014. This newest album, dropped on Jan. 1, 2019, is the most […]

Mayor Bynum establishes new office to monitor TPD

The Office of the Independent Monitor intends to suggest certain disciplinary actions. Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum announced Jan. 16 that the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) that is planned for the upcoming fiscal year will be a moderating presence for the the Tulsa Police Department. While the OIM cannot put in action any disciplinary […]

Broken Arrow mayor writes letter supporting border wall

Mayor Craig Thurmond addressed President Trump at the beginning of the month with an argument in favor of the proposed border wall. Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond has written a letter to President Trump in favor of the border wall, likening the increased border security to fences around residential homes or a gated community: “Some […]

courtesy MSMSMSM

Ten albums I’ve listened to and loved this year

This is in no way a comprehensive list, because who has the time for that? Nevertheless, here are my favorites of 2018. It’s 2019, which means it’s time to squash 2018 into listicles. I wasn’t quite able to listen to every album dropped last year, leaving me in a position of explicit non-authority on the […]