Women speaking out against local artist

Dozens of women in the Tulsa area have come forward against Scott Taylor with claims of sexual assault. Scott Taylor has been an influential artist in the Tulsa area for many years now. He debuted in 2014 and made an impression with his bold color choices and abstract compositions. However, Taylor has recently begun to […]

Oklahoma to receive settlement from JUUL

JUUL has finally resolved the lawsuits from several states and Oklahoma is set to receive part of the payout. The company JUUL has been under investigation for about two years now for the way that they market their products to a younger audience, mainly teenagers and young adults. Oklahoma is one of 33 states that […]

Fab Lab Tulsa promoting tech literacy and innovation

Fab Lab Tulsa is a space where people who want to learn skills in software design thinking and machine working can take classes. Fab Lab Tulsa is a non-profit makerspace with an educational mission. Fab Lab (short for Fabrication Laboratory) is a space for independent innovators who are hoping to gain design-thinking skills and improve […]

Artemis space launch delayed

The Artemis project’s inital flight is delayed due to hydrogen leak. The Artemis I launch was expected to happen early last week on Monday, August 29th, but was called off due to an unexpected hydrogen leak in one of the valves. At present, the cause of the leak is not entirely understood, and NASA is […]