NASA reveals Artemis II Crew for flight around the moon

NASA’s four man crew will travel around the moon on April 3 as part of Artemis II mission. NASA, in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), announced the names of the four astronauts who will travel around the moon as part of Artemis II on April 3. Artemis II is just a single mission […]

Former President indicted following Grand Jury investigation

Donald Trump will report to the Manhattan District Attorney Office on Tuesday for his arraignment. Former President Donald J. Trump has been indicted by a Grand Jury in New York following the investigation of the Jury. The Grand Jury investigation of Trump took place over a period of several years, dating back to his time […]

United Nations agrees on historic treaty to protect the oceans

A decade of talks held by the United Nations has finally led to a treaty designed to protect the biodiversity of the high seas from human impact. For over a decade, the United Nations has been trying to work out the language for a treaty that would protect the high seas from overfishing and negative […]

Munich security conference dominated by Ukraine war

The Munich Security Conference is historically a place for countries to meet and discuss events, but this year the looming topic is the state of Ukraine. The Munich Security conference met this weekend and included dozens of heads of state, generals, intelligence chiefs and top diplomats from countries all around the world, the United States […]

Oklahoma lawmakers seeking to change voting initiatives

With the presidential elections around the corner, Oklahoma lawmakers seek to change some of the election and ballot initiatives. The 2024 presidential election cycle is on the horizon, and Oklahoma lawmakers are seeking to change the voting process through more than 90 proposed election and ballot initiatives. Roughly one-fifth of the bills proposed are shell […]

Ruth Nelson, leading Tulsa philanthropist, passes at 87

Ruth Nelson dedicated her life to helping those around her who were less fortunate. Ruth Kaiser Nelson passed away on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at the age of 87. Nelson was one of Tulsa’s leading philanthropists committing herself to helping those less fortunate than herself. Nelson and her family are Jewish and originally came to the […]

TU needs to implement fall break

TU does not provide enough vacation days during the school semesters, and it is a detriment to students. The University of Tulsa does not provide students with days off that are spaced in a way that students can truly feel rested. Each semester, students are run ragged under constant pressure to work. The only breaks […]

Classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware home

Five classified documents have been found in Biden’s residence in Delaware and he now faces an investigation from the DOJ. There have been multiple instances of classified documents found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home and Washington, D.C. office. Most recently, five more pages were announced on Saturday to have been found in his place […]

Stitt vs. Hofmeister in upcoming statement election

The upcoming Oklahoma state election on Tues. Nov. 8 will be a close one as candidates continue to campaign This Tuesday, Nov. 8, citizens who are registered to vote in Oklahoma can cast their ballots. The biggest race this term is for governor. Joy Hofmeister (D) and incumbent Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) are currently […]

OK lawmakers wanting to remove sex education from schools

Removing sex education from schools would mean people are not getting any information about safe sexual health and how to ensure they are smart and protected Some of Oklahoma lawmakers think that sex education does not have a place in the school, and are seeking legislation to remove it from schools. Currently, Oklahoma does not […]