Members of the Saudi Student Association. Left to right: Sondos Alsaati, Dina Binmansour, Sarah Ahmed, Rami Alboqmi and Nasser Alqahtani. photo by Gabe Powell

International Bazaar opportunity for cultural exchange

The event centered around showcasing the people, foods and cultures from countries around the world. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. This is just one of many facts attendees learned at the International Bazaar on Friday night. Hosted by the Association of International Students in the Allen Chapman Student Union on Nov. 15, the International […]

Thanksgiving’s history should be talked about

A panel discussion hosted by Philbrook put the whitewashing of the holiday into context. What is the true history behind Thanksgiving, and are we really celebrating genocide and theft of land from native people every November? A panel discussion hosted by Bracken Klar of the Tri City Collective and featuring commentary from Appollonia Piña and […]

Active shooter drill training teaches steps to safety on campus

Campus Security Sergeant C. J. Laughlin leads workshops teaching student and faculty what to do in case of an active shooter. In 2018 alone there were 82 recorded instances of school shootings in the U.S., resulting in 90 injuries, 61 deaths, and seven suicides where no one else was injured. In an effort to promote […]

“The Boondock Saints” stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery. courtesy Franchise Pictures and Indican Pictures

Troy Duffy celebrates “The Boondock Saints” 20th anniversary

The film’s writer and director speaks about the acclaimed vigilante film at Circle Cinema. Circle Cinema hosted an event last Thursday, Oct. 24, where they screened “The Boondock Saints” for its 20 year anniversary. The writer/director Troy Duffy was present, and there was a Q&A after the show. The movie is excellent, and it isn’t […]

Oklahoma is at close-to-double the amount of incarcerated people than the national average. graphic by Emma Palmer

Behind bars: Oklahomans face longer prison sentences

Oklahoma has a higher prison population than any other state, partially because of longer prison sentences. Contrary to how it might seem on the evening news, both violent and property crime rates in America have fallen 30 percent since 2000. However, the state of Oklahoma seems to have missed the memo: our prison population is […]

The bowl and jars used to break the Ramadan fast is displayed at the entrance of the exhibit. photo by Gabe Powell

Philbrook’s “Wondrous Worlds” teaches about Islam

The exhibition showcases art from all over the world and spanning several centuries, exploring the influence of Islam. The Philbrook Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit boasting over 100 works spanning 1,200 years of Islamic history and influence. It will run until Oct. 6. The display features pieces on loan from the Newark Museum […]

The homecoming bonfire is one of the events that SA helps put on each year. courtesy TU Alumni

Student Association — who they are and what they do

This student-led organization controls money for student groups and runs programs, among other tasks. The Student Association at the University of Tulsa is a student-led organization devoted to promoting cultural and social events and advocating for student interests. Every student at TU is a member of SA, as a portion of university tuition goes towards […]

Cases in Special Collections are filled with documents related to the history surrounding the Treaty of Versailles. photo by Gabe Powell

McFarlin exhibit explores history of Versailles

Special Collections displays documents, writing and photos relating to World War I and the peace treaty that ended it. The sounds of gunfire and mortar shells streaking through the air famously ceased at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918. Germany surrendered to the Allied powers on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the […]

Though Biden leads the race, other candidates have made surges. graphic by Emma Palmer

2020 Democratic Primary has three major contenders

Sanders has raised the most money, but Warren’s chances of winning the primary are better. I get it: you’re in college and don’t have time to figure out voter registration and absentee ballots, much less read 500 articles to decide on your favorite candidate in the crowded Democratic field. Lucky for you I’ve written a […]