SAG Awards 2023 brings record breaking nominations and wins

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” dominated the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The 2023 Awards season has officially begun, kicking off with the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards. On Feb. 26, the Screen Actors Guild Awards premiered for the first time ever on Netflix’s Youtube streaming platform. This new partnership eliminated the pesky commercials and gave […]

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez: everything you need to know

Has Hailey Bieber gone too far with her Selena Gomez obsession? Hailey Bieber is trending, once again, on the internet for being a celebrity “mean girl” toward Selena Gomez. Both Gomez and Bieber have been romantically involved with Justin Bieber, thus being pitted against each other as jealousy takes control. But, who even is Hailey […]

The devil works hard, but Taylor Swift works harder

Taylor Swift’s big story behind the release date of her next album Once again, Taylor Swift is taking the internet by storm with the announcement of her 10th album. At the VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022 Taylor (drunkenly, according to fan speculation) announced the release of her new album “Midnights,” which will be released […]