courtesy Brad Heath

2018 music mentions

Here are a few albums that came out this year that deserve some love. One thing I’ve always enjoyed is discovering new music. Yeah, there are old favorites in my collection, but I have those favorites because I’m open to listening to artists and genres I haven’t experience before. I’ve listed a few honorable mentions […]

From scuba diving to video games, TU has tons of options to choose from. graphic by Conner Maggio

Need a hobby? Consider joining a club

The University of Tulsa has a wealth of clubs to offer; here are a few of the highlights Every fall semester, the University of Tulsa hosts an activities fair showcasing active organizations and various activities students can participate in to decompress and regroup following a stressful day of classes. Some organizations are resume worthy. Unfortunately, […]

Spoon University offers health tips

The University of Tulsa chapter of Spoon University seeks additional contributors and members. Many new college students have never lived away from home and have no idea how to cook, let alone figure out what they are supposed to do with that bread and peanut butter in their cabinets. Additionally, when they move into student […]

The lead singer of the band, Chibi, brought an enchanting energy to the performance. photo by Heber Hurd

“The Birthday Massacre” puts on exhilarating show

The beloved band made its way to Cain’s this past week and attracted a diverse crowd. I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite bands in concert at Cain’s Ballroom in downtown Tulsa on Oct. 29. Based out of Toronto, The Birthday Massacre has been touring on the Jonathan Davis Black Labyrinth Tour. […]

graphic by Conner Maggio

National Novel Writing Month a fun challenge

Thousands of writers, both amateurs and professionals, commit to writing a novel each November. It’s 12 a.m. on the first of November. You’ve been thinking ahead and outlining for months. Or maybe you’re a seat-of-your-pants (pantser) writer with absolutely no plan whatsoever. Better yet, you’re the social wrimo who loves the write-ins for the coffee […]

Hashtags spell out end of the world

The end of the world shows people’s true colors as they post their last hashtag. Bruce sat alone in his garage. The previous afternoon, he had lied to his friends to convince them he could play lead guitar as well as Dave Mustaine to get into their band. They told him to prove it at […]

Tragedy in Florida as gunman takes lives of two

The shooting took place at a video game tournament in which two men plus the gunman were left dead. A recent shooting saw three men lose their lives on Sunday, August 26, 2018 after a gunman opened fire at a gaming tournament in a Jacksonville, Florida, restaurant. Victims Taylor Robertson, 28, and Elijah Clayton, 22, […]