The Weekly Yak

Cut the cameras, our 1 hour of coming-of-age moment is over and, not for the first time, I wish the conspiracy theorists were right about it launching us into the end times. It is, however, the end of my GPA, the end of the beginning of enrollment period and the end of available apartments for […]

The Weekly Yak

It was a bad week for people who thought there would be something to look forward to last week. Personally, pulling up the class schedules had me feeling like a fool at 8am on April first, knowing full well that the classes I need aren’t being offered. If you see me posting The Weekly Yak’s […]

The Weekly Yak

In this week’s April Fool’s edition of The Weekly Yak, I just want to say the most foolish app update is the one that gave people the option to remove the anonymity of an anonymous app. Why do people have usernames, and why are some of them so creative? It’s dumb. When I returned to […]

The Weekly Yak

Who needs the news when the students of TU are more nosy than that aunt you only see once a year who thinks she’s entitled to updates on your nonexistent love life? Just in case you didn’t know, or haven’t left your dorm since the Frat Flu compromised the health of Oklahoma, we are having […]

The Weekly Yak

We didn’t wake up to snow this morning, so I’d say that’s a rare success on Oklahoma’s part. A not-so-rare success is users of Yik Yak being quick with exposing info and truth within our small society, or perhaps we’re all just insufferably nosy. At least I am. That’s why I’m the curator of the […]

Alternatives to fracking urgently needed in Oklahoma

Especially in a state that was not built for earthquakes. The late-night earthquake on Groundhog Day was a wake-up call, both literally and figuratively. While the damage was minimal, there was a terrifying aspect of the 5.1 magnitude quake that shook the entire state and beyond, which was the fact that it should not be […]

The Weekly Yak

I go to TU, of course I talk about missing community college all the time even though I begged on my hands and knees to get into this school. It’s only been three weeks of class and I want to tap out. In other news, the sun has finally returned and so has my personal […]

The Winter Yak

After a two-month hiatus and the emergence and dissipation of holiday cheer, The Collegian has returned along with The Weekly Yak, briefly renamed The Winter Yak for the purpose of this week’s edition. Although this is informal, I also welcome back the Clown Emoji who makes daily graphics for the events in and around our […]

Trump’s civil fraud trial continues

The trial will continue despite Trump’s lawyers’ pleas for a verdict. Former President Donald Trump currently has four indictments under his belt and is awaiting trial on all four of them. Three out of four are scheduled to take place in the spring of 2024. However, he is currently on trial in the state of […]

Next steps for Congress to avoid a shutdown

Many hope Mike Johnson will be able to help Congress make progress in funding agreements. Congress has faced challenges regarding appropriation bills for the fiscal year of 2024 since the end of summer, avoiding a government shutdown and the removal of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, following his passing of the stopgap bill that […]