White nationalist council member ousted

Narrowly voted into office, Enid residents fought to recall Judd Blevins. Narrowly winning a city council election in February 2023, Judd Blevins became a city council member for Enid, Oklahoma. The city of around 50,000 residents elected him by a mere 36 vote difference. Blevins, a US veteran of Iraq and owner of a roofing […]

Devastating bridge collapse

The bridge plummeted into freezing dark water late into the night. The third largest bridge in Maryland, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, with a length of 8,635 ft, suffered a catastrophic failure when struck by a 984-foot container ship called Dali. This tragedy has left the city of Baltimore and the nation in shock, prompting […]

Terror in Russia

The attack has led to a flurry of accusations, but the only ones hurt are the citizens. A meticulously planned terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall in Russia has become the most devastating in Russia’s recent history. The tragedy unfolded on the evening of March 22 at the renowned concert venue when armed assailants […]

Annual TU food event lacks food

Taste of the John was only fun for the first several students Following a time honored tradition for residents of John Mabee Hall and the wider campus community, Taste of the John is a fan favorite for many who get the chance to stop by. With food orders from seven different restaurants across the greater […]

Active duty airman self-immolates in protest

Due to current world affairs, Bushnell felt he was forced to act. Aaron Bushnell was a 25-year-old senior airman in the United States Air Force. He spent most of his time behind a desk as he was the cyber-defense operations specialist, according to an Air Force spokesperson. With only two months left on his contract […]

Oklahoma community mourns

Owasso high schooler dies after relentless attacks from bullies. Owasso Public Schools have come under fire following the death of a non-binary high school student. On Feb. 7, Nex Benedict was involved in an altercation with three other students in an Owasso Public School bathroom. Following some taunting language to Nex about the way they […]

Israel bombs Rafah

Amid tense hostage negotiations, conflict continues. While millions of Americans sat in their living rooms watching the Super Bowl, Israel launched a destructive bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip targeting Rafah, where more than half of Palestine’s population resides. During the breaks between drives, viewers watched an advertisement from the Israeli Government to drum up […]

Owner of Tally’s Cafe pleads guilty

Faced with six counts of larceny, Talal Alame rejects deferred sentence. Down the street from The University of Tulsa campus lies Tally’s Good Food Café, one of the most polarizing food choices when asking the student body. Many swear by the breakfast menu, while others vehemently oppose the diner for its prices and quality. Back […]

Anti-abortion bills introduced

The new House Bills have sparked bipartisan debates in Oklahoma legislature. In a move reflecting the ongoing debate over reproductive rights, Oklahoma’s Republican-dominated legislature has introduced a series of bills aimed at tightening restrictions on abortion access. This has sparked concerns among lawmakers on either side of the aisle and activists alike. House Bill 3216 […]

Expanding innovation in Tulsa

This partnership will expand our STEM programs. In an important move for the Tulsa community, The University of Tulsa bolstered its commitment to innovation by officially acquiring Fab Lab Tulsa, a digital fabrication center and nonprofit organization situated in the historic Kendall Whittier neighborhood. The partnership, announced Jan. 2, marks a significant step in TU’s […]