“The Northman” was released on April 22, 2022. Courtesy Focus Features

“The Northman” simple but satisfying

Director Robert Eggers’ newest film immerses viewers in the world of vikings with a classic revenge story. Revenge is a classic motif throughout all of storytelling. The “Iliad,” “Hamlet,” Batman — all these stories use a murderous event to trigger a wave of retaliatory violence. Robert Eggers’ new film “The Northman” adapts this motif from […]

David Sanger is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and is widely known for his investigative work. courtesy utulsa.edu

David E. Sanger gives presidential lecture

The New York Times writer discussed cyber warfare and geopolitics. Last Tuesday, April 12, David E. Sanger gave a public talk in TU’s Reynolds Center as part of the Presidential Lecture Series. Sanger is the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times and the author of “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in […]

The language offices are currently housed in Oliphant Hall. photo by Justin Klopfer

Language programs during and after True Commitment

Several language majors and minors are no longer offered at TU, though hopes remain high for rebuilding. The original True Commitment plan eliminated about half of the language programs at TU. B.A.s for Chinese and Russian studies were to be cut, as well as minors in Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek and linguistics. Together, these cuts […]

Rejecting the proposition required several Republicans to vote against the bill. courtesy okstate.gov

Vouchers bill defeat a win for education

Funding unaccountable private institutions would be detrimental to Oklahoma public schools. Last Wednesday, March 23, the Oklahoma Senate failed to pass Senate Bill 1647, titled the “Oklahoma Empowerment Act.” The bill would have given qualifying Oklahoma students the ability to opt out of public school enrollment and instead receive funds to spend on education-related expenses. […]

Dr. Ben Peters is a professor of Russian studies and media studies at TU. courtesy Ben Peters

TU Professor Peters interviewed on Ukraine crisis

Dr. Ben Peters sheds light on the complex history of Ukraine and possible outcomes of the conflict as Russian troops continue their invasion. On Feb. 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine. A few days earlier, Putin delivered a fiery speech rejecting the legitimacy of an independent Ukraine. As of Feb. 27, […]

courtesy C&I Entertainment

“Drive My Car” a film worthy of its length

In Hamaguchi’s “Drive My Car,” actors speaking different languages navigate communication, grief and human connection “Drive My Car,” a 2021 film directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, is a long contemplation on grief and communication. Hamaguchi adapted the screenplay from various stories in Haruki Murakami’s collection “Men Without Women,” primarily the story with the same name as […]

A gurney used for executions in California, the Oklahoma viewing room shares many features. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma shows pattern of cruel executions

After six years of hiatus from public executions, Oklahoma attempted to restart their program to disastrous effects. On Oct. 28, the State of Oklahoma executed John Marion Grant, condemned to death in 1999 for the murder of a prison cafeteria worker. His death is the state’s first use of capital punishment since 2015 after botching […]

Ayten Amin discussed “Souad” in a recorded Q&A session for the festival. courtesy Ayten Amin

“Souad” provides intriguing, authentic stories

“Souad,” kick-off film of Arab Film Fest, follows two sisters navigating traditional Egyptian culture and social media. Oct. 21 marked the start of Arab Film Fest Tulsa at Circle Cinema, beginning that Thursday and concluding on Sunday. Tulsa Artist Fellow Moheb Soliman and Mizna, an organization for Arab, Southwest Asian and North African art collaborated […]

Shot for shot

Zach: Billy madison is a funny movei=. I like it a lot. I personally redomment this movie, if o can get past the few moments that are not quite so PC. It’s a little sexits., but also, a little funny. It’s got Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi. I love Steve buscemi. My roommate, Jalen, does […]

Eye on the world

Pandora Papers implicates hundreds in tax evasion By: Sarah Harris The Pandora Papers is a leak of almost 12 million documents that reveals hidden wealth, tax avoidance and money laundering by some of the world’s rich and powerful. How do they hide their money, and why is this information important? For some background information, the […]