Anti-vaxxer movement rooted in ableism and ignorance

The increased number of unvaccinated public and private school children in Oklahoma puts herd immunity at risk. Anti-vaxxers. We know ‘em, we have varying different feelings about them, but they’re in our lives. They’re also wrong. For those who somehow don’t know about the anti-vaccination movement that has swept through America in the past decade […]

Courtesy Junkee

Ariana Grande moves on with “thank u, next”

Grande’s new single dropped during a tough year, and is a joyful anthem of growth. Ariana Grande recently released a new song called “thank u, next” where in the first thirty seconds she name drops four of her exes. Literally. The first verse is “Thought I’d end up with Sean/But he wasn’t a match/Wrote some […]

Grab yourself some face masks, Minecraft and a good book if you’re trying to relax. graphic by Conner Maggio

Positive tips to keep you calm in these trying times

It’s easy to be stressed right now about politics and college, so consider adding these activities to your regular self-care regimen. We all know that life is a little rough for just about everyone right now. Midterms just finished, grades have been handed out and some of us have found we haven’t been doing as […]

The monument “Dignity of Earth & Sky” in South Dakota depicts an Indigenous woman with a star quilt. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Indigenous Peoples’ Day a thoughtful replacement for Columbus Day

Considering the historical atrocities committed by Columbus, Indigenous peoples have reclaimed this eponymous holiday. This past Monday was a national holiday with two different names. Some called it Columbus Day after Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered North America for Europeans and then raped and pillaged its native population. Others called it Indigenous Peoples Day […]

Serena Williams’ catsuit necessary for her health

Williams’ catsuit has fallen under public scrutiny despite the fact that the suit was designed to help combat her blood clots. Controversy surrounds Serena Williams, and not just for her recent loss in the U.S. Open. The catsuit that she wore to the French Open has been the subject of many an argument. On the […]

YMCA volunteers paint a hopscotch pattern on pavement. photo by Kaitlyn Argo

Day of Caring in Tulsa: a time of service inside and outdoors

The Day of Caring, a Tulsa staple for most of the 2000s, proceeded as usual this year with contributions from TU. This past Friday was the United Way Day of Caring in Tulsa. Day of Caring is a day where various organizations and businesses volunteer around the Tulsa area in different ways for United Way […]

Though different ages are lumped together into specific generations or decades of birth, their experiences vary wildly. graphic by Conner Maggio

Generational gaps too large to reflect common experiences

Further division of generations would better represent the technological advancements between them. Should the generations be split into smaller groups than they are today? If you use any sort of social media or barely browse the Internet, you have undoubtedly come across articles and posts stating, “Millennials are killing X industry,” or “Gen Z kids […]

Acclaimed pianist’s master class a learning experience

By making simple adjustments to the music, Kuleshov demonstrated his expertise in a one-on-one, open master class. I sat in for the Master Class for piano, located in the Lorton Performance Center, taught by Valery Kuleshov, a renowned Russian pianist, and it was astonishing. Kuleshov has won multiple prizes, including the Honored Artist of Russian […]

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In “A Simple Favor” nothing is actually simple

The dark comedy keeps audiences on their toes, with plot twists at every turn. “A Simple Favor,” starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, is about a woman named Stephanie (Kendrick) who tries to figure out the disappearance and death of her best friend Emily (Lively). Seems simple right? Wrong. This movie has so many twists […]