Trust me, I love Jeff Bezos

To all future employers: please read this instead of my resume. As the satire editor for the Collegian, I have begun to worry that my future employers will search my name and find a picture of Kevin Stitt smoking a blunt. That might turn off potential job opportunities such as the narcotics division of the […]

The Collegian’s crystal ball predictions for 2023

The Collegian team put their fortune-telling heads together and predict the coming year of sports. Caspian Denton: NBA Finals Winner As the 2021-2022 season concluded, the league revealed that all-star-packed teams don’t necessarily perform the greatest. This is shown by the L.A. Lakers not making it to the playoffs, along with the Brooklyn Nets getting […]

Is James Corden the DNC frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election?

James Corden and other possible Democratic presidential candidates for 2024. With the midterms happening tomorrow I thought — as the resident political expert — I would put out some predictions for who might be the Democratic party presidential candidate for 2024. With so many different sources claiming they know who will become the Democratic candidate, […]

The Abortion Question: Point/Counterpoint

The kingly duo that rules The Collegian, the political science department, and US West apartments turn their attention toward America’s most hotly debated question. Point: Zach Short Regardless of what my opponent would have you believe, abortion access in the states is under attack like never before and in need of federal protections. The technocratic […]

“Unplanned 2: The Empire Strikes Back” set to begin filming in Broken Arrow

Unplanned sequel explores post-Roe world. How will Planned Parenthood respond? Can the Pro-Life Rebellion defeat them? This film stars Chris Pratt who is set to portray Mario, an Italian immigrant plummer who moved to the states to pursue trickle down economics and a protestant lifestyle. Recently converted from Catholicism, he meets Abby Johnson, the newly […]

Um Actually: Kyle the political science major will be the judge of whether you know politics.

I have compiled a list of some possible solutions for low turnout rates amongst younger voters Some political theorists have attributed the extremely low voter turnout among young people to external factors such as voter suppression and disillusionment with the democratic model as a whole. This is not true. We are a country built on […]

Um, actually: Kyle the political science major will be the judge of whether you know politics.

We interview Ryan Walters, self-described GOP Communist candidate for Oklahoma State Superintendent. As the resident political expert/head propagandist/annoying political science classmate, I will use this column to inform all you amateurs on the complexities of politics which you likely won’t understand. I will do my best to stoop to your level and make it simple […]