Eye on the World 4/6/20

Two dead in France after knife attack prompts terror inquiry French authorities have officially opened a terror investigation following a knife attack on April 4, which left two dead and five wounded. The attack took place in the southeast region of France, at a small shop located in Romans-sur-Isère, near the city of Lyon. The […]

Election turnout for Student Association elections, with the exception of Fall 2013, Fall 2017 and Spring 2017, which could not be found. graphic by Lindsey Prather

Student body votes “no confidence” in Levit — 805 to 264

Approximately one in four students at TU voted on Harvey, with three out of four voting “no confidence.” Last week, TU’s Student Association (SA) held its annual election; however, alongside the usual Senate election there was another initiative — a no confidence vote in Interim President Janet Levit. The student body of the University of […]

Eye on the World 2/10/20

Impact of Brexit on EU extradition treaties Following the official confirmation of Brexit, an 11-month transition period began. Throughout the duration of this period, typical EU rules, such as border regulations and inspections, would be softened for the U.K. However, on Feb. 1 three countries — Austria, Germany and Slovenia — confirmed that these exceptions […]

Eye on the World 2/3/20

UK officially out of EU as Brexit deal passes EU Parliament At 11 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union (EU) after three and a half years of political turmoil that has paralyzed much of the British political system. The House of Commons finally passed a withdrawal agreement in […]

Petition circulating for student vote of no confidence

Students acquired 365 petition signatures toward a confidence/no confidence vote in President Clancy and Provost Levit. Beginning on Jan. 21, TU Students for Responsible Change (SRC) began circulating a petition calling for a confidence/no confidence vote in President Gerard Clancy and Provost Janet Levit — similar to that of the one held by faculty late […]

Eye on the World 1/27/20

Chinese coronavirus spreads across the world Following the widening outbreak of the coronavirus, the Chinese government has officially issued a quarantine order for the city of Wuhan, planning to cut off all transportation to and from the city. This response comes with an increase of global attention as the virus has been responsible for 56 […]

TU bond rating drop may signal further cuts

The University of Tulsa’s bond rating lowered two tiers in two years, risking accreditation. On Dec. 19, Moody’s Investor Service, a major credit rating company, updated the status of the University of Tulsa’s revenue and student housing bonds. The downgrade — which shifted TU from its previously held Baa1 designation to Baa3 — involved a […]

Eye on the World 1/20/20

Ukrainian passenger jet crashes in Iran On Jan. 8, a Ukrainian passenger jet was shot down over Iran, and its subsequent crash resulted in the death of 176 people. Flight 752 had just taken off from Tehran’s airport when it was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian military, but the Tehran government denied that story […]

Faculty vote: no confidence in Clancy, Levit

The faculty voted no confidence 157-44 against President Clancy and 161-41 against Provost Levit. On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 202 out of approximately 344 eligible faculty at the University of Tulsa took part in a motion of no-confidence vote for both President Gerard Clancy and Provost Janet Levit. The results of this vote totaled 157-44 against […]