Eye on the World 11/18/19

Public hearings begin in Trump impeachment probe The House of Representatives voted to formally open an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, prompting a series of open-door testimonies from Bill Taylor, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch that took place last week. On Nov. 12, House Intelligence officials released the schedule for testimonies, officially announcing eight additional […]

Eye on the World: 11/11/19

US to leave residual force in Syria after withdrawal The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley announced this week that the United States would leave 500 to 600 troops in Syria following the withdrawal of a majority of its forces from the region. That withdrawal, a surprise once announced by President Trump […]

Board rejects faculty senate’s alternative to True Commitment

The board’s decision came on the same week that the accreditation liaison met with the Faculty Senate and the administration. Multiple developments impacting the restructuring plans at the University of Tulsa this week point toward a more turbulent future as faith in leadership, accreditation and the level of shared governance were all brought into question. […]

No-confidence vote for Clancy, Levit to be held Wednesday

Following the Board’s rejection of Faculty Senate plan, President and Provost face additional uncertainty. On Friday, Nov. 8, the University of Tulsa chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) announced it would be holding a vote of no-confidence in President Gerard Clancy and Provost Janet Levit. The vote will be held next Wednesday, […]

Chileans protest fare increases and structural poverty On Oct. 1, the Chilean Panel of Public Transport Experts approved a four4 percent% fare increase for public transportation across the country. The initial demonstrations began following an approximately four percent4% fare increase for public transportation. In response to this fare increase, Chileans began evading fares altogether, eventually […]

Hong Kong government officially kills controversial extradition bill On Oct. 23, the government of Hong Kong officially withdrew the controversial extradition bill that first prompted the ongoing protests. Introduced in April 2019, the bill would have allowed the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to mainland China for various offences. This particular bill sparked months of […]

Boris’ Brexit Deal Approved On Thursday, Oct. 17, the European Union Parliament approved U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s newest Brexit deal in a unanimous vote that sends it to the British Parliament for a vote. That deal will be considered during a special session on Saturday. The deal prevents a hard border between EU member […]

Data on the University of Tulsa’s spending on institutional, auxilary enterprise and academic support spending, the latter two of which Matt Hendricks believes should be cut by 9.8 million and 8.7 million, respectively. graphics by Matt Hendricks

Research calls into question administration spending

Dr. Matt Hendricks’s talk on Wednesday criticized TU’s financial policy while proposing a way to fix the issues. On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Professor of Economics Dr. Matt Hendricks gave a lecture on the University of Tulsa’s financial standing entitled, “Where Has The Money Gone?: Disturbing Trends in TU Financial Data.” This talk took place during […]

Faculty Senate approves alternative program cuts

The new changes will be presented to the Board of Trustees on Nov. 4 and 5 for final approval. In their monthly meeting on Thursday, Oct. 17, the University of Tulsa’s Faculty Senate presented their alternative to True Commitment. In accordance to the terms offered by the Board of Trustees and administration, the Senate developed […]