Prolific journalist Alex Halberstadt visits TU

Halberstadt discussed his memoir and how to be a professional writer in his talks on campus. Memoirest and journalist Alex Halberstadt came to TU last week. On Thursday night, he gave a reading of his upcoming memoir “Young Heroes of the Soviet Union.” He also participated in an informal Q&A on Friday about becoming a […]

Failing resolutions can be caused by a lack of patience. graphic by Conner Maggio

New Years resolutions hinge on setting realistic goals

Trying to be a new you during the new year can be frustrating, with slowly-progressing goals and unrealistic standards. Well, it’s the New Year again, which means many people, including myself, have embarked upon ambitious resolutions. It is routine at the beginning of a year for people to decide to change areas of their lives […]

Groups of Lime scooters appeared suddenly on the south side of 11th Street on Oct. 26. photo by Ethan Veenker

Scooters roll into Tulsa and onto campus

The electric scooters seen around campus are a first in Tulsa, but don’t come without their concerns. Tulsa is in the midst of embracing the motorized scooter trend that’s been sweeping the nation. During the early morning hours of Oct. 26, Lime, an electric scooter company, dropped off roughly 100 motorized scooters downtown on 11th […]

courtesy Tulsa Ballet

Tulsa Ballet’s Dracula a delightful fright

The production of Dracula deviates from the classic story, with eerie effects and a banger of an ending. Vampire brides, creepy crypts and dancers that fly through the air are just a few of the spectacles included in Tulsa Ballet’s exciting performance of “Dracula.” Returning for the first time in six years, this thrilling fan-favorite […]

Fall break possible boon to exhausted, overworked students

TU students could benefit from the implementation of a short fall break to catch their breath during the thick of the semester. Last week as I trudged around the cold campus, burdened with heavy loads of homework, tests and papers, I thought enviously of students at other schools who are on fall break. Not having […]

The park borders the historic Maple Ridge neighborhood. photo by Lizzy Young

Gathering Place a nuisance to neighbors

While visiting the city’s newest attraction, be aware of how the Gathering Place negatively impacts its bordering neighborhoods. Tulsa’s newest attraction the Gathering Place officially opened to the public on Sept. 9. This 100-acre park, which cost over $400 million to build, has attracted many Oklahomans since its grand opening. I have visited a couple […]

“Parks & Recreation:” friendlier humor, female characters

While “The Office” relies on cringe comedy for its laughs, “Parks & Rec’s” sense of humor is far more affable. One of the greatest debates of the 20th century is which television comedy is better: “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office.” Both of these comedies are the brainchild of Greg Daniels and Michael Shur, filmed […]

Pictured above: law professor Robert Spoo. courtesy Public Radio Tulsa

Copyright: creative savior or stifler?

Using examples from history, TU professor Robert Spoo spoke on the significance of copyright law. On Friday afternoon, Chapman Distinguished Professor of Law Robert Spoo gave a presentation titled, “Copyright, Patronage, and Courtesy in Modern Literature.” This presentation was based on information from his latest book, “Modernism and the Law,” which was published in August. […]

courtesy Tulsa Ballet

“Creations in Studio K” explores modern dance

The latest show hosted by Tulsa Ballet explored the boundaries of the art form and the connection between dance and visual art. Tulsa Ballet is in the midst of their 12th presentation of “Creations in Studio K.” This performance featured three pieces by different choreographers. The first piece, “Parhelia” was choreographed by Jennifer Archibald. “Parhelia” […]