The scam reportedly began in February 2020. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Fake Secret Service agents infiltrate government

Two men impersonated Secret Service agents for over two years, fooling government officials and law enforcement. At the beginning of this month, Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali were arrested for impersonating officers of the Department of Homeland Security. Taherzadeh and Ali kept up their charade for over two years and — according to the Justice […]

Images in this article are from "The Academic Strategy for the Univeristy of Tulsa Based upon the Provost's Program Review Committee Reccomendations 2018-2019. courtesy University of Tulsa, retrieved through

What exactly was True Commitment?

The plan sought to consolidate many programs while eliminating ones that were underperforming. The graduating seniors at the University of Tulsa and some students from the following classes will remember the bold restructuring plan that the university first proposed in 2019 known as True Commitment. Many look back on this proposal with anger, but amongst […]

Microplastic particles have been found in baby feces at 10 times a higher rate than adults due to plastic feeding bottles. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Plastic particles found in human bloodstream

Research from the Netherlands suggests microplastic particles are absorbed into the bloodstream upon exposure. In March, the first academic research was published in Environment International on the detection of microplastics in human bloodstreams. According to Dr. Heather A. Leslie and other researchers, there has been no development of a human health risk assessment (HRA) for […]

Aleksandr Sorokin runs 100 miles in under 11 hours

Commentary editor Logan Guthrie discusses the ultramarathon runner breaking two world records. Lithuanian athlete Aleksandr “Sania” Sorokin, a leader in the recent revitalization of the sport of ultrarunning, just recently set a new personal and world record for the 100-mile run. Already considered one of the greatest ultramarathon runners in the world, he certainly has […]

The University of Maryland Medical Center was given a special dispensation to perform the surgery. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Man with genetically modified pig heart dies

David Bennett lived with the heart of a genetically modified pig for two months before dying of unknown causes. David Bennett, the first man to receive a heart transplant from a genetically modified pig, died earlier this month. 57-year-old Bennett survived for two months with the heart transplant until finally passing on. Bennett was terminally […]

Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and other tribal leaders continue to vocalize their support for the law. courtesy

Supreme Court reconsiders Native American adoption law

A law that gives adoption priority of Native American children to Native Americans is under debate. The United States Supreme Court is currently taking into consideration once again the 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in Brackeen v. Haaland. This act gives priority to Native American children being placed with other members of their or […]