TU restricts access to campus housing

Amid concerns of coronavirus, TU required students to move off campus and detail plans for housing and dining refunds. After an email from Interim President Janet Levit on Thursday, March 19, students who lived in on-campus housing had only 29 hours to pack their necessities and leave campus. Access to students’ residences, and any belongings, […]

ABC honors Orion Levasheff, a passionate member who goes to every ABC meeting and event. courtesy Orion Levasheff

ABC Spotlight: Orion Levasheff, Sophomore

Mechanical engineering student Orion Levasheff enjoys celebrating his roots during Black History Month. “Black History Month is a time for me to show pride in my ancestors and learn more about them,” said Levasheff. “To know one’s history is to know oneself, and others cannot tell you what you are if you know yourself.” The […]

“Cats” movie adaptation so bad it’s bad

The Broadway musical adaptation oversexualizes its CGI characters and presents an incoherent story. When I heard all the outrageous reviews of the new “Cats” movie, of course my first instinct was to race to see it before they could re-release it with the edited CGI. Instead of a good time laughing at a movie so […]

courtesy University of Tulsa

Clancy steps down as president, Levit to act as interim

Effective immediately, Dr. Gerard Clancy has stepped down from his position of president of the University of Tulsa, citing medical complications. The Board of Trustees designated Provost and Acting President Janet Levit as interim president. This announcement follows the Board of Trustees meeting Thursday, Jan. 30, and comes in the wake of a sudden medical […]

Overcoming discrimination available only for those who can afford it

Amtrak, Uber and other transportation services are not held accountable for discrimination. One of the many challenges to being disabled is transportation. In the last week alone, two prominent national stories displayed Uber drivers reportedly denying a wheelchair user with a service dog and Amtrak quoting another two wheelchair users with a $25,000 ticket. And […]

The United States flag flying above the Progress Pride flag at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center. photo by Madison Connell

Rural US contains fewer resources for LGBTQ+ healthcare

The LGBTQ+ community faces healthcare discrimination, even with basic care. Across rural parts of America, the LGBTQ+ community’s needs remain largely unmet by healthcare professionals. Despite media portrayal of the group mainly inhabiting large cities, the LGBTQ+ community represents somewhere between three and five percent of adults and roughly 10 percent of youth in rural […]

Out of Order: Relationships and Aid

Last week when I discussed boundaries, I concentrated on the struggles with strangers. This week, I’ll be tackling — or, rather, running over with my wheelchair — the boundaries that arise between established relationships, especially in relation to giving and receiving care. First, disabled people often have different relationship dynamics with their able-bodied and neurotypical […]

Just because someone seems open about their disability doesn’t mean that they have no personal boundaries about it. graphic by Emma Palmer

Out of Order: My disability and its personal boundaries

Whenever I meet someone new, I often get one of two reactions to my disability: First, they insist that they absolutely know the cause of my mysterious disability; Second, they try to convert me. I’m pretty open about my disability, if that weren’t already apparent four weeks into my column on the topic. My own […]

The portrayal of disability in the media

In my last article, I tackled the idea that disability is largely invisible, both in our day-to-day lives and in pop culture. In the last decade or so, visibility has somewhat increased in our media. The problem is, it’s not always positive representation. When disability is shown in television, movies and books, it often falls […]

Out of Order: Disability and visibility

Disability is largely invisible. It’s not in our media. It’s not in our conversation. And, often, the disability itself is invisible. With so little media representation, you would think that disabled people are a small minority. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Numbers vary, with the Census Bureau saying around 19 percent of the population […]