Classrooms throughout the country can now hold larger classes with desks moved closer together. photo via Tulsa World

CDC to adjust COVID-19 guidelines in schools

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently changed the social distancing guidelines for K-12 schools to recommend that individuals remain three feet apart and maintain mask usage. This is a big step for schools due to the difficulties they have been facing regarding keeping everyone safe with in-person learning. Throughout the pandemic, some […]

Gatherings of vaccinated people safe, CDC states

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a new guide with regulations for individuals that are fully vaccinated. The biggest takeaway from the update is that those who are fully vaccinated can now visit with others that are fully vaccinated without wearing masks or social distancing. […]

University of Tulsa announces new strategic plan

On Jan. 29, the Board of Trustees approved a new strategic plan for TU. One of the main elements of the plan is to grow and strengthen the energy and cyber programs. The new strategic plan also includes an emphasis on the importance of a balanced education, including a commitment to encourage all students to […]

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Best “Criminal Minds” episodes

In honor of the last few days of the spooky season, I will be writing about the best episodes of “Criminal Minds.” There are 15 seasons of “Criminal Minds,” but for this article, I will just be reviewing those available on Netflix, the first 12. “Criminal Minds” is a television show about a group of […]

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TU continues to mitigate COVID-19 cases

The University of Tulsa lists on their website that there are currently nine active cases of COVID-19, eight of which are students and one a staff member. There are 17 students in quarantine, which the university explains is enforced for students that have not tested positive and do not have symptoms, but have come in […]

Bolivians hope newly elected government can shed old corruption

The Bolivian election results are back, and Luis Arce Catacora, the leader of the socialist el MAS party, will be the president of Bolivia until 2025. Evo Morales, the past president, changed the constitution to allow the president to serve 5-year terms. Morales had already served the allotted two terms, and wanted to run again. […]