The Collegian visits First Friday

Tulsa’s Arts District celebrated its monthly First Friday Art Crawl on Feb. 3 with the opening of several new exhibitions and plenty of events for the Tulsa community to enjoy. New exhibitions that opened include Living Arts’ “Champagne and Chocolate Member Showcase” and 108 Contemporary’s “Strange and Oppositional.” Several of our editorial staff members were […]

Weekly Horoscopes: A Pizza-Advice

In the spirit of TU’s attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest pizza party, this week’s horoscopes are pizza themed! Don’t worry, I didn’t just make this up, the stars told me so! Aquarius: No pizza for you this week, Aquarius. I know…it doesn’t make any sense, but you have to trust me […]

New Year, New TYou!

TU releases their much anticipated yearly budget breakdown. Finally! The yearly budget breakdown has been released from the cold, dead hands of whichever-overpaid-highranking-university-employee-who-has-nothing-to-do-with-education sent it into the ether for TU students to eagerly pour over. Nothing says reign ‘cane like knowing exactly how many quirky campus activities the $2,000 raise in tuition is paying for. […]

Weekly Horoscopes: Mars is finally in the fifth retrograde of the Aquarius Moon house!

Aquarius: Eat your vegetables this week. Don’t answer the phone. Embrace questionable fashion trends like denim on denim, socks with sandals and tights under shorts. The universe is testing you, Aquarius, don’t crack under the pressure. Wear the socks and the sandals with the utmost pride. Pisces: You’ve been a little unsure of what to […]