Farewell letter: Mary Lickona

(Cliche beginning:) Well, here we are. It seems only yesterday I was reading the letters of the seniors last year and thinking of all they accomplished. The main difference between now and then is that I was not on The Collegian staff this time last year. So first off, I would like to thank Zach […]

Local band releases electrifying EP

Variety writer meets true punk with Honduh Daze and never recovers. Honda Days? Nah, Honduh Daze. Meet the dealership punk duo whose music will chill your soul and give you the gut-wrenching bangerz you deserve. Honduh Daze is the Tulsa punk band composed of Terry Ball and Jamie Weiner, and “Beater EP” is their latest […]

A letter to TU: where is Springfest?

Confused alum looks for Springfest. Dear TU, Greetings. I am Harold Weiss. I am a proud TU alum and my dear boy Frank is a freshman this year studying Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. With the Oklahoma spring finally deciding to rear its windy head again, I told my dear […]

Club spotlight: TU Geo Club

Get to know the TU Geo Club through an interview with their president! An interview with the president of the TU Geo Club, Beau Crockett What happens in the Geo club? “We hold monthly meetings where a club member will give a presentation on something geoscience related, and host events focused on the geosciences and […]

Mental Health issues? Best we can do is Pizza

Conscientious campus offers free Pizza as mental health assistance ‘Tis the season once again for students to begin experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. This is due to many factors: midterms, SAD, fluctuating weather, what am I gonna do after I graduate, etc. College students suffer many afflictions and the benevolent TU administration wants to remedy […]

TU searching for a new mascot

Sports writer Mary Lickona discusses why Goldie is the best option for a new mascot. Last year, TU lost one of its beloved members. The 29-year reign of Captain Cane has come to an end. As of early 2022, Carson took to Twitter to announce that the superhero-esque mascot for TU would be replaced, sharing […]

Score predictions for Super Bowl LVII

The Collegian staff and sports writers share their insights on the upcoming Super Bowl. Ryan Shumaker Predicted Score: Eagles 49, Chiefs 42 After evaluating each team’s strengths, along with all relevant data points, I struggle to envision any scenario other than the Philadelphia Eagles winning in the most remarkable fashion possible by a score of […]

Club Spotlight: TU Photo Club

Get to know the TU Photo Club with this interview with one of their presidents. An interview with one of the Co-Presidents of the TU Photo Club, Kyra Ballard What happens in the photo club? “We bring in speakers, go on photo excursions, and have meetings where we can share our work as a group. […]

Breaking B(r)ad

An account of the breaking of the Guinness World Record for biggest pizza party by someone who has only heard about it A few weeks ago, a monumental event occurred at the University of Tulsa. Campi all over are still gushing about it (finally we have a reason for other cool college kiddos to be […]

Food on the move with Starship Technologies

TU has implemented more robotic services: this time it is food delivery instead of grass removal Late last semester, small, white droid-like robots began to scurry about the University of Tulsa campus. Food delivery bots from Starship Technologies have become a common sight to any campus-goer, with their little orange flags and headlights. These funny […]