Get to know a club

Get to know a club is a weekly column where students can read about the different clubs on campus and what they do. If you were at the Activity Fair a few weeks ago, you may have found CJ Pokowitz running the booth for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club. This week, we are getting to […]

What’s next for TU’s campus?

Projects on campus predicted to slow down. As the new Starbucks is nearing its completion, there are a lot of questions about what sort of new projects are on the horizon for TU. Between the spring 2023 semester and now, the Student Union has received drastic changes. The Tulsa Burger and Wings dining location changed […]

A brief glimpse at TU’s Esports teams

Sports writer Matthew Montanio interviews various players about their Esports experience As I came into the small room filled with screens, I could almost hear the clacking of keyboards as teammates excitedly called out commands within their game of Overwatch. In a way, this casual, collaborative practice embodies a lot of the personality and identity […]

Sodexo meal plans don’t make sense

Meal plans at TU inadvertently make eating more difficult for students. On campus, the dining options are extremely important, especially for students without means of transportation or food. Unless somebody wants to invest a good amount of money and time into walking a mile to the nearest grocery store to buy and prepare food or […]

Why you should get the COVID-19 booster

COVID-19 is still very relevant, despite the discontinued mandates. Boosters are the answer to continued protection. All around us, there are arguments why we shouldn’t try to pursue a policy of vaccination and maintaining booster shots for COVID-19. For starters, COVID is a disease that has critically affected the population. More than 3.5 million people […]

New dining options available for on-campus dining

The TU mobile dining app is becoming more relevant for college students For the longest time, there has been pervasive concern over the dining options at the University. There had been only the Pat Case Dining Center and the Student Union to consider for on-campus dining, and those options already had a few natural limitations. […]

Is it Too Much to Carry? The Responsibility of Gun Rights

The Supreme Court expanded gun rights for citizens to grant equal protection, but who’s responsible for our protection? On June 23, 2022, the Supreme Court expanded upon the rights for citizens to be capable of owning guns in public, changing the way we as a country, legalistically, view gun rights and gun control. Specifically, restrictions […]