New funding guidelines for student organizations

SA announced big changes to the funding process that they believe will serve students’ best interests. Student organizations will experience a new funding process in the coming months. While the start date of this new funding is undetermined as of yet, the new process hopes to make students’ lives easier and ensure events always get […]

Graduation rates at TU a vibrant topic of discussion

The University of Tulsa plans to raise its graduation rates over the coming years. Students and other universities have ideas TU could emulate. At TU, 52 percent of first-time, full-time students who entered in fall 2008 graduated in four years, while 58 percent of those who entered in fall 2010 graduated in the same time. […]

Four years later, four years smarter?

So because I’ve written for this amazing publication for four years, being a news editor for a year and managing for this past year, I get to write a goodbye letter that about five people, and hopefully not my parents, will read. And instead of being sappy and getting sad, I’m gonna talk about the […]

Improve TU #2: Open access to information a necessity

As a private university, TU lacks transparency, limiting access to staff and not adhering to the Open Records Act. Access to information is a cornerstone of good research and good governance, and TU, if it wants to be a great school, should implement a policy of increased openness. This would involve both following the Open […]

Improve TU #10: Change the University Ambassadors’ speeches, training

To best market the university, university ambassadors’ tours need to be accurate and show off more of the university’s assets. University Ambassadors show off the University of Tulsa to prospective students; however, some of their standard tour lines should be updated or changed. -The computers are not updated every two years, as UAs tell students. […]

A community garden serves as a place for students to destress by tending to the crops or sitting peacefully within the greenery. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #24: Public gardens would enhance TU community

Many universities embrace community gardens, as they serve a multitude of purposes. Why can’t TU be next? Community gardens serve many purposes. Students and faculty can use the produce they grow, get their hands dirty for a little while or use the space as a relaxation zone. And increasingly, colleges and universities across the U.S. […]

Improve TU #26: Consider donating unused dining dollars

Students with an excess of dining dollars at the end of the year could buy items to donate to charities. Presidential scholars often have so many dining dollars to spend it’s become a joke at TU. “Befriend a prezzie,” someone might say to another who’s complaining about lack of food or running low on their […]

The movie doesn’t betray any artistic expectations: it’s robots that fight monsters. Courtesy IMDB

“Pacific Rim: Uprising” outdoes itself with special effects

Giant monsters and robots battle in this colorful, simply entertaining sequel with optimistic themes. When the apocalypse comes, I want it to turn out like the “Pacific Rim” series. Mostly because I love the idea that when threatened with giant monsters, humanity does the most sensible thing and builds giant fuckng robots (jaegers) to punch […]

The roof of the Case Tennis Center, topped with solar panels installed in 2016. Courtesy University of Tulsa

TU aims to reduce its utility and energy costs

Running a university is not a cheap endeavor, and the electricity, gas and other utilities costs do not help matters. But the university also works to lower its bills for these necessities when it can. The Physical Plant is the center of most of these efforts. This facility pumps water across campus and is responsible […]

TU’s newest clubs for global professionals, gaming and EMTs

Over the course of the semester, SA has chartered several new clubs. Among them are the TU EMS club, Society of Global Professionals and TU: Magic the Gathering. The TU EMS club gives students first-hand medical experience. Srivats Srinivasan, the founder and president, said the long-term vision of the club is to run a 24/7 […]