TU rebrands College of Engineering

The College of Engineering & Natural Sciences is no more Last Thursday, The University of Tulsa announced the renaming of the Oxley College of Health Sciences to the Oxley College of Health Sciences & Natural Sciences (HSNS), after rebranding the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences (ENS) to the College of Engineering & Computer Science […]

Stylus Student Journal has announced the theme for volume 22

This year’s Stylus editor Ruben Paredes gives us more insight on the student-run creative journal Student-run creative projects are popular at The University of Tulsa. One of these projects is Stylus Journal of Art and Writing, an annual journal of art created and compiled by active students. TU has published Stylus since 2001, and the […]

Susie Dumond’s LGBTQ+ romance novel “Queerly Beloved”

Get to know more about The University of Tulsa’s alumna Susie Dumond and her romance novel “Queerly Beloved.” Walking through Barnes & Noble or Magic City Books, coming across a table of novels by local authors, you may notice a cheeky LGBTQ+ romance called “Queerly Beloved.” The story of a semi-closeted baker named Amy who […]

Taylor Swift sucks and is overrated, but Arby’s rock

Does Arby’s have the meats? Myranda refused to title the article so I did it for her It’s 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night, and I am absolutely starving. My endless pile of controls, economics and senior design homework can only sustain so much of my soul, but unfortunately, none at all of my physical […]

The final product of the inclusive playground will be accessible to parents and kids alike. courtesy CityofTulsa.org

Inclusive playground to be built in Tulsa

The new playground in Whiteside Park will accommodate children and parents with all different kinds of disabilities. Last Thursday, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum announced the plans to construct and unveil an inclusive playground in the heart of Tulsa, just down the street from campus around 41st St. and Harvard Ave. Currently, Whiteside Park looks like […]

Historic Oklahoma City church demolished early last week

Preservationists protest the demolition of the historic Oklahoma City church but were ultimately unsuccessful. On Monday Sep. 26, an iconic Oklahoma City structure was demolished after standing since 1956. Known as the egg church, First Christian Church was torn down within the same day its permit to be destroyed was approved. Sitting at Walker Ave. […]

“Love on the Brain” review

Ali Hazelwood’s new book accurately represents women in STEM. There is nothing better than an engineer and a neuroscientist who hated each other in graduate school being forced to work on a revolutionary project together at NASA where they slowly realize they do not actually hate each other. For her second novel, “Love on the […]

Mexican Modernism and the Philbrook

The Philbrook’s last exhibition included works from Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In the four years I have lived in Tulsa, OK, somehow I have only made it to the Philbrook Museum of Art for the first time this last month. When my mom came to visit me this semester, I knew it would be […]

Possible uses for now defunct Kendall Hall

There are many different options for what to do with Kendall Hall, but which option is the best? Unless you are horrifically unobservant, you most certainly heard that The University of Tulsa cut the theater degree program, and this year, the doors to Kendall Hall have been permanently closed. Well, except for TUTV; for anything […]

SpaceX plans to bring internet connection to people worldwide with the new Starlink satellite generation. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

NASA calls out SpaceX on new Starlink satellite generation

Covering a list of concerns in a letter directed towards SpaceX, NASA addresses their worries over the introduction of 30,000 new satellites in low orbit. Earlier this year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX submitted an application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seeking approval for an estimated 30,000 more satellites to be sent into low orbit in […]