Pssh, who said it was difficult to get students to come to RA events? graphic by Sarah Le

Resident Assistant bravely disposes of confiscated alcohol and you’re all invited!

“I gotta get rid of all this contraband somehow! Come help me out!” As an RA, one of my many magisterial duties to ensure my residents are keeping their rooms free of sin. On my room check rounds, I routinely purge dorms of toasters, 20.5-gallon fish tanks and other contraband. Despite the fact that I’m […]

The candles are advertised to burn for eight semesters straight. graphic by Sarah Le

vTU to release building-themed candles

The University of Tulsa is rolling out new products that everyone will want on their holiday wishlist. Scents are simple yet potent things that can bring you back to a special moment in time. If you miss your hometown, chances are, there is a Homesick candle of some apple-cinnamon burgundy-leather amalgamation out there to remind […]

The Chinatown Pizza Hut will cater to lovers of fish ‘n’ cheese combos. graphic by Sarah Le

Pizza Hut to replace all campus dining options

Due to health concerns and a lettuce foot fungus incident, TU closes almost all its restaurants. Last week, a photo went viral depicting a Baja Jacks employee at TU standing barefoot in a bin of shredded lettuce while simultaneously preparing tacos. Yuck: the last thing you’d want in your Baja Jacks tacos is somebody’s foot […]

Add some heat under your sheets: try out a new sleeping position! graphic by Sarah Le

7 (sleeping) positions to revolutionize your nightlife

Wanna spice things up in the bedroom? Try out these hawt positions tonight. We’ve all experienced the worst feeling known to mankind: being bored in bed. If you are looking for something new and exciting to try in the bedroom, here are some sleeping positions that could potentially change your life. 1. The Shrimp – […]

The only required text for ANES-2000, available for $300 at the TU bookstore. graphic by Sarah Le

TU profs. introduce art engineering program

Concerned for the disappearance of the arts, professors have come up with a new degree program to ensure its survival. Professors at the University of Tulsa are aiming to bring engineering back to the “Phillips Engineering” art school building. A group composed of five engineering professors and TU’s last art professor met over the summer […]