Jeremy Richman, father of a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting, in a 2013 town hall meeting. courtesy Associated Press

Social impacts of mass shootings poorly understood

After a spate of suicides related to mass shootings, experts are further exploring the relationship between trauma and mental health. The first week of April has been the only week since 2013 without a mass shooting. Shooting-related suicides are becoming repeated occurrences in the United States. The only growing category of homicide today is the […]

A TU Treks adventure at Climb Tulsa from February. courtesy TU Treks’ Facebook page

TU Treks a perfect opportunity to get off campus

The club offers outdoor excursions throughout the year, including rock climbing, kayaking and a trip to the Appalachian trail. TU Treks has long been a member of the university’s Student Association. As a group, they host all manner of activities ranging from short trips to the Gathering Place to week-long excursions into the wilderness. TU […]

The Tulsa Golden Hurricane squares up against their rival, the Houston Cougars. graphic by Emma Palmer

Houston should be our school rival

Former TU football player Thomas von Borstel explains why the Cougars would make a good pick as a rival to the Golden Hurricane. We are perpetually the small school. The closest-sized FBS university in NCAA Division I is Rice University with an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 4,000 students. With that, we maintain underdog status, a […]

The draft: how it works and how it could change

The draft, or Selective Service, has recently re-entered the public consciousness amid the question of whether women should be included. The American eye has suddenly been cast on the draft. A recent federal District court ruled that an all-male conscription is unconstitutional. The decision has been considered more symbolic than pragmatic, but recent comments by […]

The percentages of NCAA athletes and the substances they consume. courtesy NCAA Research

Does cannabis enhance performance?

Sports journalist Thomas von Borstel delivers the science and history concerning marijuana products in athletic performance. Marijuana as an athletic performance-enhancing substance has been the subject of much debate, largely due to its widespread ban in the NCAA. Now, it’s rarely tested for; most universities test increasingly rarely for recreational drugs, especially now that the […]

Teacher shortage solved by turning to students

With teachers leaving the profession across the nation, local schools find an alternative way for students to get their education. On Friday, March 9, the announcement was made to resounding applause. Oklahoma students are going to have the best student-to-teacher ratio in the nation: 1:0. Dubbed an unprecedented, unconventional turn in the already sporadic timeline […]

What do we do with the news of R. Kelly?

The reckoning that has come to Hollywood demands that we take greater action than in the past. I’m not entirely sure what justice looks like, particularly when the criminal act is sexual abuse. There is nothing simple about the consequences when it comes to the convoluted manner in which sexual abuse is adjudicated. The main […]

“Real Girls” campaign does not include real girls

A lingerie company boasting about their fight against gender expectations has skeletons in their closet. The battle for women’s body images is finally being taken to corporate America. Companies everywhere are rebranding in a body positive manner. The last few years have seen victory after victory over the unreal expectations flaunted by media portrayals of […]

There are eight teams in the new AAF. courtesy Sporting News

Debut of Alliance of American Football

Football expert Thomas von Borstel details the history and people behind the opening weekend of the AAF. The brand spankin’ new Alliance of American Football looks to be a complement to fall football. Spring is no longer a time of desperate depression and melancholy. Over three million raving lunatics got their fix this last weekend. […]

Nelson Riddle (left) and Frank Sinatra; jazz has always been a collaborative art. courtesy Matt Micucci

Jazz lives on at the University of Tulsa

TU Jazz Ensemble gave a rousing Valentine’s Day performance. “I’m regretting taking this article already,” I’m whispering over my right shoulder. It’s 6:50 p.m. and there are about 10 people waiting in the lobby of the LPC. I don’t know why, but we are sitting on a bench taking a couple’s quiz. I love jazz […]