Staff Picks

Emma Palmer: I recently rewatched the Armando Iannucci film adaptation of Charles Dickens’s “David Copperfield” (entitled “The Personal History of David Copperfield”), and I gotta say, it’s terrific. While Iannucci’s usual work tends to be biting, nihilistic and unredemptive in its satire (looking at you, “Death of Stalin”), “The Personal History of David Copperfield” is […]

Meet the Editors!

Name: Emily “that girl over there” Every Position: Editor-in-Chief Major(s): English, environmental policy, a minor in economics How do you take your coffee? As quickly as possible because I hate the taste but am addicted to caffeine. Most recommended album? Hmm … Listen to Leonard Cohen’s first album. I guess that’s more of a demand […]

TU moves to online classes due to coronavirus concerns

The University of Tulsa has opted to hold all classes online until at least April 5 due to events that have increased the overall risk of spreading the coronavirus on campus. This news was delivered via a campus-wide email from Interim President Janet Levit that went out at 7:25 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10. The […]

Letter to the Editor 2/10/20

The Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds to midnight. According to the Science and Security Board Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the world has never been closer to doomsday than now: Humanity continues to face two simultaneous existential dangers — nuclear war and climate change — that are compounded by a threat multiplier, cyber-enabled information […]

Chris’s Premier League corner

Commentary Editor Chris Lierly gives a complete analysis of the top teams in the world’s most competitive national soccer league. Liverpool FC: 70 pts Current For:WWWWW What’s left to say? They’ve been unbeaten since January 2019. They’ve only dropped points this season in a draw with Manchester United in October. And as of Thursday, Jan. […]

TU’s smoke signals are losing effectiveness. graphic by Emma Palmer

Signals from admin up in smoke

Honestly, only the pope should smoke. In the wake of Clancy temporarily stepping down as president of the University of Tulsa citing health concerns, the student body of the university was left in the dark. But this wasn’t on purpose. After further investigation, it became clear to me that there was an obvious miscommunication. Somehow […]

Super Bowl 2020 score predictions

The Collegian sports writing staff comes together to weigh in on which team will win the most-watched event in America and why. A.C. Boyle Although both teams have incredible, explosive offenses, talented head coaches and young Quarterbacks who are the next generation of Brady and Brees — The Kansas City Chiefs look just too hot […]

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Kristen Oertel

The following is a letter to the editor from Dr. Kristen Oertel in the history department at the Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences. Letters to the editor must be fewer than 500 words and can be sent to Under no circumstances will anonymous letters be published. The name of the person submitting […]

The Collegian’s best music of 2019

Emily Every: Luke De-Sciscio – “Good Bye Folk Boy” 2019 has felt apocalyptic in more ways than I’d really like to get into for an album blurb on a college newspaper, but, to say the least, it’s been a year that’s loomed large over the horizon of popular culture. We’re all philosophizing and deconstructing and […]

Antonio Brown, shortly after donning his religious attire, projects holographic Babe Ruth. graphic by Emma Palmer

Crystal Ball: winter sports edition

The Collegian Sports staff collaborates to write everyone’s favorite sports-satire, this edition features a religous Antonio Brown, Simone Biles being immortalized in gymnastics and Boris Johnson bringing evil to Liverpool. Antonio Brown Joins Religious Order Former NFL Star Athlete Antonio Brown has decided to join a religious order in Sierra Leone, sources close to Brown’s […]