The National Archives loses government documents

McFarlin Library keeps better track of books than the federal government keeps track of classified documents. A surprising new trend among former and current public officials seems to be emerging: finding stashes of classified documents at homes and offices of executive officials. Both President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence have turned over […]

New Speaker of the House elected after 14 failed votes

House rebels finally gave in and elected McCarthy. After 15 rounds of voting and countless concessions, California Representative Kevin McCarthy (R) was finally elected Speaker of the House. The position (previously held by California Democrat Nancy Pelosi) is typically awarded to the leader of the majority party. McCarthy, having previously served as House Minority Leader, […]

Just Stop Oil defaces art for activism

The anti-oil group needs to switch tactics if they want to garner the support they desire for the fight against climate change A video of climate change protesters throwing tomato soup on Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting went viral across the internet in October, prompting confusion and outrage. While the painting was behind a layer […]

Kanye West’s threatening Twitter post

Kanye West’s recent social media post has left everyone confused and concerned. American rapper Kanye West has been on a path of strange and threatening social media posts, coming to a head on October 7 when he posted a tweet widely regarded as antisemitic. The post appeared on his account after he was banned from […]

Giorgia Meloni spoke at a press conference in Italy. courtesy

Italy’s government may be on the return to Fascism

In the upcoming elections, Giorgia Meloni is expected to win prime minister, and she and her government will be the most far-right since Mussolini. Italy may be on the return to fascism, and the world is taking note. The Brothers of Italy, a far-right political party formed in 2012, is projected to win the majority […]

DeSantis sends migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

In a widely criticized political stunt, the Florida governor relocates nearly 50 migrants to the summer colony. Citizens of famed Massachusetts resort town Martha’s Vineyard got quite a surprise on Sept. 14 when nearly 50 migrants arrived unexpectedly. After much confusion, Florida governor Ron DeSantis came forward to claim responsibility for the unannounced move. The […]

Queen Elizabeth II, looking at her life and reign

Queen Elizabeth II had the longest reign of any monarch in the United Kingdom and wasn’t even born to be the queen. On Sept. 8, the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch passed away at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth II, having ruled the UK for more than 70 years, died peacefully at her Balmoral […]

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago scandal uncovers potential treason

Over 100 classified documents were found at Donald Trump’s country club. Some documents could implicate him in treason. You have probably heard about the investigations into former President Donald Trump recently. Hopefully, you’ve heard about the recent FBI raid that uncovered more than 100 classified documents — documents which should be held in secure locations […]

Weird Al goes out with a bang

The biopic craze has come for the King of Polka himself. If you’ve lived on this Earth for any period of time, you’ve definitely heard of Weird Al Yankovic. Known far and wide for his song parodies, the singer is getting his very own biopic. Weird Al has been in the game for nearly 40 […]