Queen’s death jarring for U.S. politicians

Numerous governmental officials in the United States have begun acting upon impulse in a moment paralysing the U.K. Article republished with permission of The Telegraph. In wake of her majesty’s passing, many American politicians have felt the reality of their own potential demise. Efforts therein have grown split between attempts to prolong further the unholy […]

A guide to eating on campus at The University of Tulsa

9. Chick-fil-A You know damn good and well why this is here and why I’m telling you not to eat here. 8. Subway I know what you’re thinking: “you made the sandwich,” but hear me out on this one. It’s a limited menu, so last I was there wraps were an impossibility, as was the […]

The brilliance of the technology fee

After seeing a new fee for TU attendance, most were worried. Now the truth can pacify. When many students saw the new technology fee added to their accounts, they met the news with grief, frustration, worry or some combination of the three. Halfway through the first year with this new fee, however, the importance of […]

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CFP selection committee discounts American Athletic Conference

Managing Editor Zach Short discusses how Cincinnati Bearcats presently fall short of a Playoffs spot, despite having a lossless season with huge margins of victory. On Tuesday, Nov. 2, The College Football Playoffs (CFP) selection committee released its first official look into where teams stand. The top four teams, who would comprise the Playoffs bracket […]

Shot for shot

Zach: Billy madison is a funny movei=. I like it a lot. I personally redomment this movie, if o can get past the few moments that are not quite so PC. It’s a little sexits., but also, a little funny. It’s got Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi. I love Steve buscemi. My roommate, Jalen, does […]

Glistening abs but no shining penis? Nice try, liberals, but we won’t open up for that bait. graphic by Anna Johns

Driller Update: not enough

Though we have seen concessions, we must stay vigilant If you have watched the news this week, you will have noticed the effect my recent letter to the editor has had. At Tulsa’s own Oktoberfest celebration, the threatened snowflakes behind the scenes made an attempt at appeasement at restoring the Driller’s masculinity. This experimental take […]

Letter from the editors

The Collegian editorial staff wants to clarify our policies, particularly as they pertain to the commentary section of our publication. As per our published guidelines, available in our staff box with each issue, all opinions printed reflect the opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone on The Collegian’s […]