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The Collegian’s hottest teams in the NBA

5. Philadelphia 76ers While Joel Embiid seems the shoe-in for MVP at this juncture, losing to the Nets and then the Trailblazers makes the team as a whole look much more human. Still, the competitiveness of this team still has them looking good enough to take anyone in a seven game series, but a decrease […]

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The Collegian’s NBA top five

5. Los Angeles Clippers After a disappointing last week, the Clippers had to come down a notch. A close loss to either the Celtics or the Nets? Understandable. Dropping both? Unforgivable. This team has a serious problem with bullying teams outside the estimable top 10, but playing inconsistently if not poorly against their better opponents. […]

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The Collegian’s Super Bowl LV writer predictions

Zach Short Kansas City Chiefs 40-38 My two sincere hopes for this game are for an offensive spectacle and for another championship to my home state. If that does not happen, compound my disappointment by the fact that I earnestly expect it to happen too. Since the very moment that Brady announced his move to […]

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The Collegian’s top NBA teams of the week

5. Milwaukee Bucks Dropping two places from their spot last week, this has less to do with the Bucks looking any worse and more to do with other teams looking scary good. However, they still looked formidable in each of their games notwithstanding, and, barring any unfortunate injuries or bad funks that may come their […]

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The Collegian’s Fab Five

5. Philadelphia 76ers In years past, I would have had this surprisingly retentive squad in and out of my top five throughout the year, and almost always would have ended with them just outside upon entering the postseason. They always look good, but seldom do they make me believe they have what it takes to […]

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The NBA gives credit where it’s due

In a year where professional sports have perhaps become more politicized than ever, with NBA strikes, renewed anthem protests and a burgeoning of politicized social media presences to name just a few, it seems that many of both the proudest defenders and harshest critics of the new wave of activism have forgotten where much of […]

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Brady’s Decision Leaves NFL in an Uproar

Bad news for Brady: When Tom Brady announced his decision to leave the team that made him behind and head to Tampa Bay, the world of professional football and sports in general went into uproar. The 43-year-old seemed closer to retirement than to a fresh start, but perhaps he knew more than fans gave him […]