Farewell letter: Zach Short

It has been an absolute blast working with this paper, and I am appreciative of all the people that came together to make it possible. None of what we have made this year could have happened without our dedicated staff, each and every one of our writers and all those who gave interviews and tipped […]

Point Counterpoint: Do not do your homework

The kingly duo that rules The Collegian and the political science department answers the question plaguing colleges everywhere. Point (Kyle): Why would I do my homework? To satiate the bottomless pit of need seen in the repeated assignments by professors? I think not. These professors are never satisfied with essays. My theory is they love […]

TU central administration embroiled in hiring controversy

During the last hiring cycle, the administration’s involvement in the law school’s hiring process may have crossed the threshold of discriminatory behavior. Hiring practices at the law school have come under fire recently as university administration has begun exercising an unprecedented influence over faculty hires. Earlier this semester, Professor Johnny Parker of the law school […]

Proposed faculty raise system ignites controversy

TU administration has proposed installing a merit-based system for faculty raises, but many professors find the timing of the initiative tone-deaf. The University of Tulsa administration is currently working to shift faculty pay raises to a merit-based system, as opposed to a years-worked or seniority system. The new method of granting raises would operate based […]

Score predictions for Super Bowl LVII

The Collegian staff and sports writers share their insights on the upcoming Super Bowl. Ryan Shumaker Predicted Score: Eagles 49, Chiefs 42 After evaluating each team’s strengths, along with all relevant data points, I struggle to envision any scenario other than the Philadelphia Eagles winning in the most remarkable fashion possible by a score of […]

TU starts philanthropic initiative with The Human Fund

Through a new fee required for attendance, TU plans to give back. As part of the university’s philanthropic endeavors, The University of Tulsa has partnered with the charity The Human Fund. The organization, whose tagline “money for people” captures their vision perfectly, promises to offer real change for people in a concrete manner, not relying […]

The aptly titled ‘Every Loser’

The latest Iggy Pop album features a slew of guests, but they fail to save the monstrosity Pop creates. Fame changes people. Too many artists find themselves unable to replicate the work that made them famous in the first place, and this holds true especially in music. Boston never came close to recovering the magic […]

Be cautious of the future

Food robots may seem like a wonderful convenience, but they may hide a more sinister purpose. Anyone who has set foot on The University of Tulsa’s campus in the last months has no doubt encountered the new food robots. They stand at attention in front of Pat Case and frequently form a phalanx by the […]

The Collegian’s crystal ball predictions for 2023

The Collegian team put their fortune-telling heads together and predict the coming year of sports. Caspian Denton: NBA Finals Winner As the 2021-2022 season concluded, the league revealed that all-star-packed teams don’t necessarily perform the greatest. This is shown by the L.A. Lakers not making it to the playoffs, along with the Brooklyn Nets getting […]

The University of Tulsa homecoming

The University of Tulsa held its annual homecoming celebration the last full week of October. Friday Oct. 28 saw the bonfire, where students got to meet the Top 10 freshmen and seniors for the year as well as to cheer on the football team the night before their big game. Saturday started with a Plain […]