Rough week for all leaves little movement in NBA top 5

5. Los Angeles Clippers No team faced elimination from the power rankings quite like the Clippers did this week. While the fact remains that no top option performed quite at the level hoped, Los Angeles underperformed against two teams they desperately needed to beat. First, their loss against the Magic should embarrass them. Flukes happen […]

76ers verge on best in league, NBA top 5

5. Los Angeles Clippers Few things in life are more difficult than admitting that one was wrong. I, for one, was very, very wrong. The Clippers should never have left the power rankings, and the Lakers most certainly did not deserve to displace them last week. Of course, last week’s list came right as LeBron’s […]

Return of the East: NBA power rankings

5. Los Angeles Lakers Back in the rankings after an absence in the past weeks, LeBron and his supporting cast have found somewhat of a groove. They have now won four straight coming out of the All-Star break. And while these wins came against teams that might not seem quite so competitive as the ones […]

Fresh top five for the second half of the NBA season

5. Los Angeles Clippers For a while, the Clippers looked dangerously close to locking the second seed in the West, potentially biding time until they could displace the Jazz. The whole team looked fantastic. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George played to their contract value, and role players like Patrick Beverly and Serge Ibaka expertly performed […]

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Lakers’ decline shuffles power rankings

5. Phoenix Suns In what most certainly constitutes the most controversial selection of the week, Devin Booker and Chris Paul will join the list for the first time this season, relegating the Lakers to a tentative sixth spot. This spectacular southwest team has stomped almost every team in its path recently, having its only losses […]