Bike thefts concern students

In the past few weeks, TU’s campus has seen an increased rate of bicycle theft.

Campus crime reports show that there have been 8 bike thefts on campus since January 1, with five thefts occurring in January and three since the beginning of February.

Joe Timmons, Director of Campus Security, tells the Collegian that a rate of about three bike thefts per month is common.

To a certain degree, bike theft is a fact of life on a bike-heavy college campus. Timmons says that bike theft has not been an issue in the past. “I would not say it’s a significant issue, but it does occur.”

Bikes are not only being taken from unlucky students who forget to lock them, but also from those who are diligent enough to secure their bikes.

Several of Campus Security’s crime reports show that both the bike and its lock were missing upon their arrival.

Timmons also reports that mainly personal bikes have been targeted, rather than TU’s trademark yellow bicycles.

With all this in mind, what can TU students do to prevent their bikes from being stolen?

“Students should register their bicycles through the university and keep the serial number of the bicycle in a safe place,” Timmons says. In order to best prevent bike locks from being broken or loosened, “Bicycles should be secured with locks that go through the frame of the bike.”

He also emphasizes that students should keep a close eye on their bikes, even when they’re not in use. “Check on them regularly and don’t just lock them up outside and leave them all semester.”

If a student’s bike is stolen, Timmons says that the best course of action is to find the bike’s serial number and call campus security to report the theft.

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