Brad the Builder

The move of Chick-fil-A happening before
our very eyes has granted the students of our
campus insight into how construction is going.
The wall that divides our childlike wonder
from witnessing the abilities of these crews
will be falling soon.

Along with these crews working in the stu-
dent union, reports have come in about a man
wearing a pinstriped suit paired with an old
gold and royal blue hardhat working his way
through the rubble of Benvenuto. This myste-
rious man with his three piece suit was seen
holding an allen wrench while putting together
a deep fryer for the new and improved Chick-

Brad Carson was officially spotted carry-
ing a 380 pound Chick-fil-A 4 Head PFG 600
pressure fryer by himself through both sets of
the Allen Chapman Student Union doors. He
gracefully set it down and set the entire fryer
up in front of the students who were lucky
enough to witness this act. Mr. Carson even
took the time to set up the 4 Head PFG 600
pressure fryer by himself; Carson leveled the
fryer, ensured proper ventilation, secured a
proper gas supply, and did the proper orien-
tation checks to ensure that only the highest
quality food equipment is in use for TU’s cam-

The Student Union was not the only place
that Mr. Carson was spotted performing these
helpful acts. The Starbucks in McFarlin Li-
brary is undergoing construction as well, and
at this site, the new foreman in town with
the big hammer on his hip has been spotted.
Mr. Carson brought an entire pallet of bricks
weighing just over 2,000 pounds into the li-
brary in a successful attempt to assist in build-
ing the new coffee counter.

The crews at each site were reportedly
shocked by “brick by brick Brad” and his abil-
ity to perform the heavy lifting work. Carson
was seen carrying this pallet with a single hand
while simultaneously responding to student
texts on his personal cellular device. From a
firsthand report of Shelby Hiens, “I saw Brad
carry that whole pallet of bricks and respond
to student concerns on his cell phone while
following all OSHA guidelines for safety.”

This same student also witnessed Carson
bring in a top of the line Thermoplan AG
Black & White 4, which can only be to ensure
the most premium experience for the students
here at TU. No other coffee machine can come
close in technology, design, or sustainability.
Computer labs can be moved, but a Starbucks
cannot just go anywhere, and Carson himself
has taken on a significant role in creating this
cool campus corner in McFarlin.

Students everywhere can rejoice, as they sip
their pumpkin spice lattes and eat their chicken
sandwiches; just know that the Mr. Brad Car-
son is taking time away from wearing mustard
yellow sweaters at football games, and putting
the hours into both the Student Union and our
new and improved McFarlin Library to secure
better dining options for students.

With his toolbag in tow, our president is
ensuring the best experience for students, and
building that very experience himself. As the
president of The University of Tulsa, the new
foreman on these job sites, and a man that is
easy to get in contact with, Brad Carson is lay-

Graphic by Meg Harris

ing the brick road for how a leader should act.

Post Author: Alex Soeder