Brave student stops attending class after three weeks

A fearless student makes the decision many have wanted to make, but never felt they could, when she decided to stop attending class after three weeks.

This serves as more evidence in support of rumors hinting at the existence of an underground movement for students, encouraging them to stand up in the face of societal norms like “attendance” and “GPAs”. “I think we are really starting something,” said a source claiming to be affiliated with the movement. “It seems like people are finally hearing our message.”

The educational establishment is showing serious concern about both the short and long term effects of this trend in attendance. When asked about changes in class environment, Dr. Clark, a professor of Mathematics, commented, “It’s truly worrisome, I mean 50 percent of the class isn’t showing up one day, and the next day that number grows to nearly 90 percent.” Clark is standing up as a voice against those skipping class, but unfortunately no one is around to hear him.

One of Clark’s students, absentee Rhonda McLaughlin, was not afraid to speak her mind either. During an interview, which happened to be during her scheduled class with Clark, she stated, “Yeah, I mean, class sometimes, like, I don’t know, it’s just boring.” In response to questions about her future ambitions, she confidently retorted, “I don’t need school to be successful, I mean, uh, look at Steve Gates and Matt Zuckerberg, I mean, like, Google made them both billions. Skipping Dr. Clark’s class doesn’t mean anything at all.”

This seems to be quite representative of the predominant logic behind the movement as a whole. It’s all about the vision of something bigger than “class,” a very future oriented, ambitious, and well considered plan for achieving success on one’s own terms.

Perhaps it’s too early at this moment to gauge the consequences of this up-and-coming paradigm shift, but all signs are pointing towards a bright future. A future full of Rhondas, a future full of Matt Zuckerbergs, and a future full of courageous young adults who aren’t afraid to say “No!” to education…

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