Broken up couple goes to court over HBO account

After a messy breakup last week, ex-lovers Kevin and Amanda have officially set a court date for the trial of the century. (Their last names have been omitted at their request to maintain anonymity) Both parties have laid claim to the joint HBO account the couple had used to watch the first four seasons of “Game of Thrones”.
The account, which has reportedly been a point of contention over the past several months, is your average, run-of-the-mill HBO subscription, with the nifty little ability to prevent you from studying for important exams coming up. Despite its apparently plain appearance, however, the account means quite a lot to the ex-couple.
“It’s not about the money, I could afford to pay for a new subscription. It’s about the fact that I had that HBO account before we were together, and I should get it back now that we’re separating,” Amanda told the State Run in an interview. “Plus, that account knows which episode I left off on for all those shows that I’ll never watch again!” she added.
Kevin remembers the situation differently. “Sure, she had the account first, but she was barely remembering to pay the bill and almost forget it existed back then! I’m the one who set up the auto-pay system, I’m the one who requested the password reset email when she forget how to log in, and I’m the one that got her into ‘Game of Thrones’!” he exasperatedly told a reporter. “After all the effort I’ve put in, I should be the one that gets to see the fruits of my labor!”
Although the HBO account is the focus of this trial, additional trials are being scheduled to divvy up the Netflix, Spotify and Hulu accounts. Both Kevin and Amanda admit they are quite passionate about those accounts and need some time to cool off before those trials begin.
At press time, the couple was looking at a plan that would result in Amanda having the account on weekends, and Kevin being responsible on weekdays. Arguments are still tense about who would be responsible for paying what portion of the bill. Our heart goes out to the account, which almost certainly has a difficult life ahead of it.

Post Author: Sam Beckmann